Sunday, March 29, 2009

I love the weekends!--but it's almost over! :[ We've had a busy, busy weekend. On Friday night, we cleaned our entire apartment! Ahhh, doesn't a clean apartment feel so good!? I asked Thomas that right after it was cleaned and he said "No, it feels the same." Men. Well, even if it felt the same to him, I felt so much better when the apartment was spotless! My good friend, Sabrina, came over later that night with her fiance. Tom's old roommate, Jesse, also came over. The boys watched a basketball game while I practiced Sabrina's hair and makeup for her bridals.

On Saturday, I went with Sabrina for her bridals. It was so fun! Her photographer did her pictures for free because she needed bridals for her portfolio. Sabrina looked GREAT. I wish I would have taken a picture of her little bouquet because I was so proud of myself for how good it looked! She bought three white gerber daises and three hot pink gerber daisies and I used some pretty shimmery fabric to wrap around the stems and then a hot pink thick ribbon around the middle with a diamond broach in the center. They were so cute!! I will have to post a picture of one of her bridals with the bouquet when she gets them later this week!

Saturday night, Thomas and I went to a pageant for Lindsey Savage (one of the little girls I nanny). She is eleven years old and was in the Little Miss Lindon Pageant. For her talent portion, she did a clogging dance to the song "Bugle Boy." She did such a good job! She won an award for best on stage talent. We didn't eat dinner until after the pageant--it was almost 10 before we ate! Yikes. But we ate one of my favorites!--pasta with some red sauce. My mom has the best recipe for spaghetti love love!

Tonight we will have Thomas's favorite (his favorite that I make, at least)--hamburgers! I think that it actually sounds pretty sad that his favorite food I make is simple! Maybe it is from all that experience at In N Out. I also made seven layer bean dip and I am so anxious to eat it!! As much as I love fast Sunday, I hope it ends soon!

Oh, hello, idea-STEALERS.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm ashamed to say we frequented an In-n-Out ripoff. What kind of dedication is that to my past home-away-from-home?? Please, laugh with me at how pathetic it is that companies so obviously try to steal In-n-Out's ideas. This is EZ Take-Out Burger (even the name is similar, right??)

This is the menu. Double Take? Please, that sounds so dumb!

Wild Fries. Oh-so-similar to Animal style fries...and in a fry boat similar to In-N-Out's. Let me tell you, these "wild fries" are not nearly as good as animal style fries! Oh, and they put the sauce under the cheese and grilled onions which is wrong.

Look familiar??? At least have some creativity and some of your own ideas.

I'm sorry to say the food was decent :[ In-n-Out is still much, much, much better though!!

I know I'm so biased toward In-N-Out but I just have to say so many companies here in Utah try so hard to be just like them and it's just so silly because they think by making their restaurant red and making their food look the same, people will love them just as much. Wrong. A huge part of In-n-Out's success is their customer service. And these places just do not compare. You walk into In-n-Out and it's always "Hi, how are you today?" with a smile. We walked in here and #1 It took like three minutes for someone to come to the counter to take orders and #2 He said "What can I get for you?" in a very monotone voice, not looking at us, no smile. No wonder the restaurant wasn't nearly as busy as In-n-Out!!! I love In-n-Out.

Enough about that. Tonight, Thomas and I went to some training for a new job we've been hired for! We are going to work at the Family Support and Treatment Center in Orem. The center is for children who are at high risk for abuse. Parents can drop their children off at no charge if at anytime they feel they might lose it if they keep their kids with them. Thomas and I will be working on average one shift per month. The shift will be from 6pm on a Friday evening to 6pm the following Saturday evening. Some children stay overnight but most do not. We stay overnight in a "weekend houseparent" bedroom to stay with kids (if there are any) or to be there if someone calls to bring their child in during the night. The kids that can be brought here have to be 11 years or younger so we'll be taking care of newborns to children 11 years of age. We're really excited because the position sounds like a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and also because we're looking forward to some extra spending money! (Indonesia, here we come??...maybe soon.) The training tonight was for about 2 hours. We still have to do a few more shifts of training which is fine but one thing I'm not looking forward to is CPR/First Aid training. I'm already certified in both (very recently!) but since Thomas has to be certified, I think I will be a nice wife and go with him to the trainings. We can either do two weeknight trainings from 5:30-10:30pm OR a full Saturday (8am-6pm). Blech!!! I'm already certified!!! And I just did it all like four months ago!...oh well. It will be a good refresher. Besides the First Aid/CPR Training, we are very excited to start!!

okay i'm not sure how i got this to be underlined suddenly but i can't undo it!! i cannot figure out where the underline button is. anyway, my mother complains that I don't say enough about Thomas but I asked him what to say about him and he said "I hate school" so I guess I'll just say a quick note about that! He doesn't really hate school; his classes are just so boring for him right now (all GE's and no classes for Accounting) and so he has a really hard time disciplining himself. Last semester, he spent hours doing accounting homework and never seemed to mind. This year, he has less homework to do but it takes him longer than his homework last semester because he takes so many breaks and loses concentration easily. Who could blame him? Physical science and humanities? Blahhh! Finals are coming up though!...then a break for the summer!

PS Can someone tell me how to get rid of underlining???

Free Movie Monday!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Redbox anyone??

Okay so for those of you who aren't familiar with redbox, it's a company that has red boxes (hence the name) all over the place (mcdonald's, walmart, gas stations, grocery stores, etc) filled with dvds! Most are movies that have most recently come out on dvd but you can sometimes find a little bit older movies (but usually still pretty won't usually find casa blanca or something of the sort in a redbox). It costs only $1 per night to rent a dvd from a redbox and you can return it to any redbox in the country. so you get the dvd one day and it isn't due back until the following night at 9pm (unless you want to pay an extra dollar for an extra night). We love getting movies from there since they are so cheap and on Monday's they do free dvd rentals! You can sign up at to receive text message alerts with the free movie code every Monday. We go almost every week to get our free dvd rentals! We each get one because we each use our own credit cards (so we can get two free rentals)--even though you don't pay you of course still have to swipe your card incase you keep it an extra night or don't return it at all! Tonight, Thomas rented The Transporter 3 and I rented Princess. I have no idea what Tom's movie is and frankly, no idea what mine is either! There wasn't anything I had really been dying to see this time so I got a little kid movie (on the DVD itself it says "a modern fairy tale" and has a picture of a young girl dressed as a princess so I'm thinking it will probably be a pretty cheesy movie but what can I say? I love those!)

Tonight for FHE, we started to read "The Holy Temple" by Boyd K. Packer (which we got for our wedding) and it's a pretty good book so far. We've decided we'll read from this book every fourth Monday for FHE (every first Monday will be a lesson from Preach My Gospel, every second Monday something from a church magazine--whenever i'm in charge it will be from the Friend!, every third Monday something from the scriptures, and every time there is a fifth Monday, we will do a really fun activity!) After we finish "The Holy Temple" (which will take a few months) we will move on to all the other books we got from our wedding (all on temples or marriage). We're excited to finally start reading them all!

P.S. I love blogging.

Handsome Husband

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sorry I am posting two blogs within thirty seconds of each other! I just didn't want to make it all one HUGE post!

About a week ago, Thomas and I went to Mr. Mac to buy some new suits for him. They were having a deal where you buy one suit for $250 and get one for $1! All of Tom's suits from his mission have outgrown him (the pants are too short!) so we wanted to get him a couple new ones. We picked out a dark blue one with pinstripes and a charcoal-c0lored one. They weren't supposed to be ready for pick up until Wednesday but we decided while we were at the mall to see if they were ready and one was! So Thomas wore it today to church and he looked awfully handsome!

Not to Cut :/

Dear Readers,

I'm a chicken. I couldn't bring myself to cut my hair. Here is my before picture:
And here is my after picture:

So I ended up chopping off about 2 inches to get my hair looking healthy again but I just couldn't bring myself to cut off more. I told the hairstylist that until that morning, I was planning to chop it all off to my shoulders and she said "i would have talked you out of it anyway! do not cut your hair!" she made me feel like less of a chicken. before i went to the salon, i decided i should style my hair cute to make sure i really didn't like it the length it was. well, after i styled it all hope of cutting it was gone.

On a different note...on Friday, Thomas and I had a fun little date night! We hit some baseballs and played catch out on a softball field at our apartment complex. Actually, mostly Thomas hit the balls and I chased after them (he hit them all reallyyyy far so I did a lot of running!) I wanted to see if Thomas felt at all sorry for me for having to run so far away to fetch his balls so I zoomed in on him with my camera to see:

He doesn't seem to mind one bit!

After baseball, we went to dinner at Cafe of our favorite and one of the yummiest places!! We will definitely miss Cafe Rio once Tom finishes up school and we head out of here! After Cafe Rio, we went to the mall to see if we could find any cute sandals for me! luck. Then we came home to write our talks since we had to speak in Sacrament Meeting today (so glad that's over!) Luckily, we were only asked to bear our testimonies on temples (today is the Draper temple dedication) so we only had to speak for about five minutes each. :]

P.S. I'm not getting the $188 shoes. I'm on a mission to find just as cute, less expensive ones. Let me know if you see some!

To cut or not to cut?

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Readers:

I need your opinions. Thomas and I are going for haircuts tomorrow and originally I was just planning on a trim but now I'm thinking I might want to really cut it. This is how I want it cut if I do cut it (minus the bangs):

What do you think? Yea or nay???

It's Love <3

Thursday, March 19, 2009

This shoe is gorgeous right!? Problem: it costs $188 (well for the pair, not just one!) But I LOVE them so much and want them so bad so maybe my readers can help me convince my husband to let me buy them? I just got a check for over $200 for vacation/sick payout from my dispatcher job. Maybe I could use that money!? Be faithful to me, readers. Help me out! :]
A Fun Wednesday!

A Fun Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can I just say first the worst part of blogging is coming up with a title. I always want it to be catchy or something but I suppose that is not going to happen every time!

Today was much more fun than most Wednesday's!! Josh's mom has Wednesday's off so I only have Lia. Usually, I get bored after about half an hour when it's just me and Lia. What do you do with a two year old when you're at a doctor's clinic?? But today my sister, Laurin, was in Provo with her baby, Emma (8 months) and so we decided to go shopping together! So Lia and I met up with Laurin and Emma and Barnes and Noble. Lia LOVES babies and Emma loves little kids so the connection is perfect! They loved being with each other and Laurin and I were a lot less bored having another adult to talk to! Sometime while in Barnes and Noble, Lia put her sippy cup down. I didn't realize until we were leaving the store so we had to go back in and look for it (I have no idea where she set it down and the Barnes and Noble is huge!) We walked around the whole store then asked the front desk if someone had turned it in (nobody had) and then we walked around the entire store again and didn't find it! Where could it have gone?? You wouldn't think it would be too hard to find a sippy cup among a bunch of books. The whole time we were looking for it, Lia had her arms up (like when you're confused you know?) and kept saying over and over "I don't know. Where is it? I don't know. Where is it?" It was kind of funny but not very helpful. Anyway, I gave up and we left the store without the sippy cup. Maybe I'll call tomorrow and see if they've found it. After the bookstore, we went to the mall and spent the rest of our time there. AND I DIDN'T BUY A THING. That is quite an achievement for me. That almost never happens. Although I do admit, I'm going to look online to see if they have something at Down East Basics that wasn't in stock in the store (and if they have it, I'm probably going to buy it so maybe it doesn't count that I didn't buy anything). Maybe someday I'll be less of a money-spender. We let Lia and Emma play at the play place in the mall. They both love going down the FAST slide (Emma with help, of course!) Overall, the day was a success! Laurin and I have decided we are going to try to do this every Wednesday! I am definitely looking forward to more Wednesday's like this!

Look what I made!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Okay, so I guess it's fair to say I'm already addicted to blogging. But I just finished knitting this really cute scarf and I wanted to share! Isn't it cute!?
And I figured while I'm posting about knitting, I'll post the picture of what I made last (okay so this was supposed to be made the size of a newborn for whenever we eventually have a baby but I totally butchered it I guess and it will fit like a four-year-old now...)
What should I make next!?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day!! Nannying was busy today but definitely fun! We made green koolaid and green sugar cookies, went on a scavenger hunt for "lucky" green coins, wrote a letter to Mr. Leprechaun (we're hoping he'll write us back!!), made "Happy St. Patrick's Day" cards, made our own Ireland flags, colored rainbows and pots of gold, and spent some time at the park! Here are our cookies and koolaid:

I bought necklaces, headbands, and glow bracelets for Josh and Lia to wear. They liked them for about ten minutes and then didn't wear them for the rest of the day. This is when they still liked them:

So my job is all play and no work, right!? WRONG. This is how I spend my afternoons while Lia is napping and after Josh has left for the day:

FILING. All of these are individual papers! Can you imagine how many there must be?? Thousands!! Filing has definitely been neglected for the last few months. There are several papers that say "valid through December 31, 2008." So obviously nobody has filed a thing at least since December. I really don't mind filing all that much but I just don't think this job will ever be completed with just one person working on it. Especially considering this: shortly after I took the above picture, a receptionist walked in with MORE:

Again, those are all individual papers you see piled on the left...another 500 maybe?? There is no way I will finish when I only do this about an hour a day, four days a week by myself!! Please, pity me. :[

On a happy note, Thomas got a 90 on his calculus test today!! Woohoo!! (a 90 makes me feel better about his waiting to take the test on the last day and having to pay $5. I guess it's a small price to pay for an A).
i'm REALLY blogging

i'm REALLY blogging

Monday, March 16, 2009

hoorah! i think i've got it all figured out!! please notice: cute picture on top (i guess you can't miss that) and cute side pictures of engagement, honeymoon, and wedding! also notice: music! oh hoorah! if your volume is down, turn it up to just at least hear part of the song...i love it! so i guess i probably have some more to figure out still (like i don't know yet how to put pictures on your posts but i guess once i have a picture to go along with a post i'll figure it out). but i'm excited that i've got the gist of it! i feel like a real blogger!

i promise future blogs won't be about blogging. :]
I think I'm blogging...

I think I'm blogging...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

hoorah! WE HAVE A BLOG! :] i'm so confused how everything works so i'm kind of blogging...still trying to figure everything out. i'll welcome any help from anyone...i need to figure out how to make this blog cute! i'm so excited to finally have this blog started since it took me a FULL 24 hours to come up with a title! i finally decided on "if these walls could speak" but still really wanted keluarga wallace so i made that my url. maybe that makes things confusing but it made my decision easier :] and it looks like i can change my title if i decide i actually want it to be keluarga wallace...right?? anyway, i was adamant about not starting a blog until we had a baby but i decided i had two main reasons for starting this blog now:

1. everyone else in the family has one and i'm feeling left out!
2. (this is actually my #1 reason) i want to make those books out of my blog every year so i have an easy way to journal our lives!--it wouldn't be very smart to miss out on our first years of marriage!

okay so KEEP READING so i feel like this blog is worth it!! :]


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