Free Movie Monday!

Redbox anyone??

Okay so for those of you who aren't familiar with redbox, it's a company that has red boxes (hence the name) all over the place (mcdonald's, walmart, gas stations, grocery stores, etc) filled with dvds! Most are movies that have most recently come out on dvd but you can sometimes find a little bit older movies (but usually still pretty won't usually find casa blanca or something of the sort in a redbox). It costs only $1 per night to rent a dvd from a redbox and you can return it to any redbox in the country. so you get the dvd one day and it isn't due back until the following night at 9pm (unless you want to pay an extra dollar for an extra night). We love getting movies from there since they are so cheap and on Monday's they do free dvd rentals! You can sign up at to receive text message alerts with the free movie code every Monday. We go almost every week to get our free dvd rentals! We each get one because we each use our own credit cards (so we can get two free rentals)--even though you don't pay you of course still have to swipe your card incase you keep it an extra night or don't return it at all! Tonight, Thomas rented The Transporter 3 and I rented Princess. I have no idea what Tom's movie is and frankly, no idea what mine is either! There wasn't anything I had really been dying to see this time so I got a little kid movie (on the DVD itself it says "a modern fairy tale" and has a picture of a young girl dressed as a princess so I'm thinking it will probably be a pretty cheesy movie but what can I say? I love those!)

Tonight for FHE, we started to read "The Holy Temple" by Boyd K. Packer (which we got for our wedding) and it's a pretty good book so far. We've decided we'll read from this book every fourth Monday for FHE (every first Monday will be a lesson from Preach My Gospel, every second Monday something from a church magazine--whenever i'm in charge it will be from the Friend!, every third Monday something from the scriptures, and every time there is a fifth Monday, we will do a really fun activity!) After we finish "The Holy Temple" (which will take a few months) we will move on to all the other books we got from our wedding (all on temples or marriage). We're excited to finally start reading them all!

P.S. I love blogging.

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