A Fun Wednesday!

Can I just say first the worst part of blogging is coming up with a title. I always want it to be catchy or something but I suppose that is not going to happen every time!

Today was much more fun than most Wednesday's!! Josh's mom has Wednesday's off so I only have Lia. Usually, I get bored after about half an hour when it's just me and Lia. What do you do with a two year old when you're at a doctor's clinic?? But today my sister, Laurin, was in Provo with her baby, Emma (8 months) and so we decided to go shopping together! So Lia and I met up with Laurin and Emma and Barnes and Noble. Lia LOVES babies and Emma loves little kids so the connection is perfect! They loved being with each other and Laurin and I were a lot less bored having another adult to talk to! Sometime while in Barnes and Noble, Lia put her sippy cup down. I didn't realize until we were leaving the store so we had to go back in and look for it (I have no idea where she set it down and the Barnes and Noble is huge!) We walked around the whole store then asked the front desk if someone had turned it in (nobody had) and then we walked around the entire store again and didn't find it! Where could it have gone?? You wouldn't think it would be too hard to find a sippy cup among a bunch of books. The whole time we were looking for it, Lia had her arms up (like when you're confused you know?) and kept saying over and over "I don't know. Where is it? I don't know. Where is it?" It was kind of funny but not very helpful. Anyway, I gave up and we left the store without the sippy cup. Maybe I'll call tomorrow and see if they've found it. After the bookstore, we went to the mall and spent the rest of our time there. AND I DIDN'T BUY A THING. That is quite an achievement for me. That almost never happens. Although I do admit, I'm going to look online to see if they have something at Down East Basics that wasn't in stock in the store (and if they have it, I'm probably going to buy it so maybe it doesn't count that I didn't buy anything). Maybe someday I'll be less of a money-spender. We let Lia and Emma play at the play place in the mall. They both love going down the FAST slide (Emma with help, of course!) Overall, the day was a success! Laurin and I have decided we are going to try to do this every Wednesday! I am definitely looking forward to more Wednesday's like this!

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