Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patricks Day!! Nannying was busy today but definitely fun! We made green koolaid and green sugar cookies, went on a scavenger hunt for "lucky" green coins, wrote a letter to Mr. Leprechaun (we're hoping he'll write us back!!), made "Happy St. Patrick's Day" cards, made our own Ireland flags, colored rainbows and pots of gold, and spent some time at the park! Here are our cookies and koolaid:

I bought necklaces, headbands, and glow bracelets for Josh and Lia to wear. They liked them for about ten minutes and then didn't wear them for the rest of the day. This is when they still liked them:

So my job is all play and no work, right!? WRONG. This is how I spend my afternoons while Lia is napping and after Josh has left for the day:

FILING. All of these are individual papers! Can you imagine how many there must be?? Thousands!! Filing has definitely been neglected for the last few months. There are several papers that say "valid through December 31, 2008." So obviously nobody has filed a thing at least since December. I really don't mind filing all that much but I just don't think this job will ever be completed with just one person working on it. Especially considering this: shortly after I took the above picture, a receptionist walked in with MORE:

Again, those are all individual papers you see piled on the left...another 500 maybe?? There is no way I will finish when I only do this about an hour a day, four days a week by myself!! Please, pity me. :[

On a happy note, Thomas got a 90 on his calculus test today!! Woohoo!! (a 90 makes me feel better about his waiting to take the test on the last day and having to pay $5. I guess it's a small price to pay for an A).


  1. That looks like fun for what you did with the kids. My kids find coins at their school. They are lucky to have you as their nanny. You will make a fun mom one day.

  2. wow, I hope it goes quick. do you at least get to listen to music or something while you're doing it?

  3. yes! thank goodness i can listen to music and i mostly file for about half an hour then take a break and read a little (well i say i'll read only one chapter then get back to filing but it's always like ten chapters!) and then i file for another half hour and so on and so forth. the breaks make it easier.


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