I think I'm blogging...

hoorah! WE HAVE A BLOG! :] i'm so confused how everything works so i'm kind of blogging...still trying to figure everything out. i'll welcome any help from anyone...i need to figure out how to make this blog cute! i'm so excited to finally have this blog started since it took me a FULL 24 hours to come up with a title! i finally decided on "if these walls could speak" but still really wanted keluarga wallace so i made that my url. maybe that makes things confusing but it made my decision easier :] and it looks like i can change my title if i decide i actually want it to be keluarga wallace...right?? anyway, i was adamant about not starting a blog until we had a baby but i decided i had two main reasons for starting this blog now:

1. everyone else in the family has one and i'm feeling left out!
2. (this is actually my #1 reason) i want to make those books out of my blog every year so i have an easy way to journal our lives!--it wouldn't be very smart to miss out on our first years of marriage!

okay so KEEP READING so i feel like this blog is worth it!! :]


  1. welcome to the world of blogs!! we're so excited you have joined! i'll help with any questions you might have, if i know the answer!

  2. Yeah!!! Welcome to blogging!! You will have fun with it. I need to update mine, badly.
    So what is Keluarga? (Indonesian?)
    You can add stuff to the side bar. Your layout is cute!! Let me know if you need any help.

  3. ditto to lisa's question...what the heck is keluarga? i think you should write a blog about it so we all know. i'm glad you're on here. just be better than me and actually update your blog because we all know i never do!

  4. thanks to you both, i definitely might need help and i will definitely ask for it!! :] and keluarga means family in indonesian.

  5. Welcome to blogging. I really love your page that you made. My family also has a blog. It is I put more of our happenings on there than I do on fb. Have a good day.


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