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This shoe is gorgeous right!? Problem: it costs $188 (well for the pair, not just one!) But I LOVE them so much and want them so bad so maybe my readers can help me convince my husband to let me buy them? I just got a check for over $200 for vacation/sick payout from my dispatcher job. Maybe I could use that money!? Be faithful to me, readers. Help me out! :]


  1. i would have to say no. that's a LOT of money for shoes!! but... i am a wallace!

  2. What Sean and I do, is every month we each get a hundred dollars that we can spend on whatever we want and the other person can't judge or say anything about it. Well, like you, I like the finer...more expensive things in life. So if I want a 200 dollar purse I have to save my allowance. Plus, I like the fact that, the longer I have to wait the more I think about it and I really learn if it's something I truly want or was a it just a moment thing. Saves a lot of buyer's remorse.

  3. Marc I think that for everyday shoes... these are too much. I think this because, while they are very cute (very!), this is totally the style right now, so you can totally get some shoes very similar to these for much less $$$! How much would you really wear them? I dunnnooo!


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