Oh, hello, idea-STEALERS.

I'm ashamed to say we frequented an In-n-Out ripoff. What kind of dedication is that to my past home-away-from-home?? Please, laugh with me at how pathetic it is that companies so obviously try to steal In-n-Out's ideas. This is EZ Take-Out Burger (even the name is similar, right??)

This is the menu. Double Take? Please, that sounds so dumb!

Wild Fries. Oh-so-similar to Animal style fries...and in a fry boat similar to In-N-Out's. Let me tell you, these "wild fries" are not nearly as good as animal style fries! Oh, and they put the sauce under the cheese and grilled onions which is wrong.

Look familiar??? At least have some creativity and some of your own ideas.

I'm sorry to say the food was decent :[ In-n-Out is still much, much, much better though!!

I know I'm so biased toward In-N-Out but I just have to say so many companies here in Utah try so hard to be just like them and it's just so silly because they think by making their restaurant red and making their food look the same, people will love them just as much. Wrong. A huge part of In-n-Out's success is their customer service. And these places just do not compare. You walk into In-n-Out and it's always "Hi, how are you today?" with a smile. We walked in here and #1 It took like three minutes for someone to come to the counter to take orders and #2 He said "What can I get for you?" in a very monotone voice, not looking at us, no smile. No wonder the restaurant wasn't nearly as busy as In-n-Out!!! I love In-n-Out.

Enough about that. Tonight, Thomas and I went to some training for a new job we've been hired for! We are going to work at the Family Support and Treatment Center in Orem. The center is for children who are at high risk for abuse. Parents can drop their children off at no charge if at anytime they feel they might lose it if they keep their kids with them. Thomas and I will be working on average one shift per month. The shift will be from 6pm on a Friday evening to 6pm the following Saturday evening. Some children stay overnight but most do not. We stay overnight in a "weekend houseparent" bedroom to stay with kids (if there are any) or to be there if someone calls to bring their child in during the night. The kids that can be brought here have to be 11 years or younger so we'll be taking care of newborns to children 11 years of age. We're really excited because the position sounds like a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and also because we're looking forward to some extra spending money! (Indonesia, here we come??...maybe soon.) The training tonight was for about 2 hours. We still have to do a few more shifts of training which is fine but one thing I'm not looking forward to is CPR/First Aid training. I'm already certified in both (very recently!) but since Thomas has to be certified, I think I will be a nice wife and go with him to the trainings. We can either do two weeknight trainings from 5:30-10:30pm OR a full Saturday (8am-6pm). Blech!!! I'm already certified!!! And I just did it all like four months ago!...oh well. It will be a good refresher. Besides the First Aid/CPR Training, we are very excited to start!!

okay i'm not sure how i got this to be underlined suddenly but i can't undo it!! i cannot figure out where the underline button is. anyway, my mother complains that I don't say enough about Thomas but I asked him what to say about him and he said "I hate school" so I guess I'll just say a quick note about that! He doesn't really hate school; his classes are just so boring for him right now (all GE's and no classes for Accounting) and so he has a really hard time disciplining himself. Last semester, he spent hours doing accounting homework and never seemed to mind. This year, he has less homework to do but it takes him longer than his homework last semester because he takes so many breaks and loses concentration easily. Who could blame him? Physical science and humanities? Blahhh! Finals are coming up though!...then a break for the summer!

PS Can someone tell me how to get rid of underlining???


  1. They sure tried hard to make it look like In-N-Out!!!! That is funny!!
    That sounds like a cool job you guys are going to be doing. Good luck!!

  2. The button should be at the top of the brown part where you are writing.

    This semester is the same for Sean. All generals so he gets pretty bored with it too.

    That is so great you guys are helping out in that child place. It really does sound like a great opportunity for you. good job!


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