I love the weekends!--but it's almost over! :[ We've had a busy, busy weekend. On Friday night, we cleaned our entire apartment! Ahhh, doesn't a clean apartment feel so good!? I asked Thomas that right after it was cleaned and he said "No, it feels the same." Men. Well, even if it felt the same to him, I felt so much better when the apartment was spotless! My good friend, Sabrina, came over later that night with her fiance. Tom's old roommate, Jesse, also came over. The boys watched a basketball game while I practiced Sabrina's hair and makeup for her bridals.

On Saturday, I went with Sabrina for her bridals. It was so fun! Her photographer did her pictures for free because she needed bridals for her portfolio. Sabrina looked GREAT. I wish I would have taken a picture of her little bouquet because I was so proud of myself for how good it looked! She bought three white gerber daises and three hot pink gerber daisies and I used some pretty shimmery fabric to wrap around the stems and then a hot pink thick ribbon around the middle with a diamond broach in the center. They were so cute!! I will have to post a picture of one of her bridals with the bouquet when she gets them later this week!

Saturday night, Thomas and I went to a pageant for Lindsey Savage (one of the little girls I nanny). She is eleven years old and was in the Little Miss Lindon Pageant. For her talent portion, she did a clogging dance to the song "Bugle Boy." She did such a good job! She won an award for best on stage talent. We didn't eat dinner until after the pageant--it was almost 10 before we ate! Yikes. But we ate one of my favorites!--pasta with some red sauce. My mom has the best recipe for spaghetti love love!

Tonight we will have Thomas's favorite (his favorite that I make, at least)--hamburgers! I think that it actually sounds pretty sad that his favorite food I make is simple! Maybe it is from all that experience at In N Out. I also made seven layer bean dip and I am so anxious to eat it!! As much as I love fast Sunday, I hope it ends soon!

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