Time to Apply!

Time to Apply!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grades came out today for BYU...this means Thomas can now apply for the accounting program!!! We're so excited...also so nervous! He's going to write his essay tonight (the only thing he has left to do for the application) and send everything in tonight! We probably won't find out if he gets in or not until mid-summer but just the fact that he can finally apply is SO exciting!! Keep your fingers crossed for us!--his getting into the program or not pretty much determines the rest of our lives!! YIKES.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am such a hypochondriac! I've had lockjaw for the last 36 or so hours and it's driving me nuts! Then when I complained to Thomas, he told me maybe I had tetanus and that people die from being the hypochondriac I am, I've been thinking about it all day! Right when I got home from work, I got onto webmd and looked up the symptoms for tetanus. SURE ENOUGH--lockjaw! Hopefully it's something else. Maybe since I work for a doctor, I should just ask her. Bloggers, comfort me!

Emma Models

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tonight, Thomas and I went to Mark and Laurin's house and played games. I had Emma model some of my bows and clippies for me and gave her a new bow and headband in return! You get more of the effect of the cuteness of the bows when someone is actually wearing them.

Thanks, Emma Boo!!!

Girls' Night!

On Thursday, Thomas got to go to the Lakers vs Jazz game with Jesse (one of his roommates from last year). The game didn't start until 8:30 so he was going to be gone ALL NIGHT! sister and I had a girls' night! I think it was the first time either of us were out of them house past 11pm for nine months (me since marriage and her since the baby)! We had a LOT of fun! Laurin came over around 8:15 and we watched an episode of friends while painting our toe nails.

After that, we bought ice cream at Macey's (the grocery store, not the department store for those of you who don't live in Utah). YUM.

Please excuse the face I'm making.

After ice cream, we went to see She's Just Not That Into You at the dollar theater. It was really funny! The theater was FULL of girls and towards the end there was a lot of cheering and girly screams and lots of "awwwww"'s. I'm pretty sure I've never been in a theater that full of girls. Anyway, we both really liked the movie minus a few scenes. :] So the movie didn't start until 10:20...late! We didn't get back to my apartment until 12:45am! I'm telling you...we're wild. How sad that I'm only 20 (without kids) and this is super late for me! Thomas and I need to party more. Overall, we had a really fun sister/girls' night out!

Also, just thought I should post: Josh came back from Hawaii last week and brought me back this shirt! Isn't it cute!? (it says Maui, Hawaii in that little spot where there is no heart)

Golf & Dinner

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thomas and I had a fun little date night tonight! We first went to the mall so Tom could pick up some free foot pedal for the drums for guitar hero that he got for pre-ordering Guitar Hero Metallica and I bought WallFlower refills from Bath & Body Works! Yay!--about time. Our first and only refill ran out like two months ago and I've been so sad because it makes the house smell SO good. They went on sale for six dollars for two refills so I jumped on that! Japanese Cherry Blossom smelling house?--mmmm!
After the mall, we decided (or Tom decided) to go to the driving range. It was pretty fun even though I'm terrible even after lots of coaching from Thomas. He can hit the ball so far! I was amazed every time.

After golf, we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill (our excuse was that tomorrow is our 10 month anniversary). We don't feel so bad about spending money on a nice dinner when there is something to celebrate! We both got the shrimp scampi (yum!) and then we had a coupon for a free dessert when you purchase two entrees so we shared a cheesecake. It was SO delectable! latest and greatest bows! I learned how to make korker bows (is that how you spell it?) and I think they are beyond cute!!

Thomas only has ONE MORE FINAL (Monday) and then no more school for four whole months!! We are both sooo excited!!! Okay so I wasn't going to blog about last week but now I'm going to because I have some cute pictures. Laurin and I got to spend practically the whole week together!! The Savage's (the family I nanny for) went to Hawaii for Spring Break and so they were gone all last week so I only had Lia to watch. She played with Emma the whole week and they had so much fun!--we had to learn a lot about sharing but that was good for Lia since she has a new brother coming in August! We went to the Bean Museum at BYU and Emma and Lia had so much fun together. Lia wanted to push Emma's stroller and she would stick her head through the crack and say "Hi, Emma!" It always got Emma laughing (see last picture). Laurin and I had so much fun spending time together! Next week will be a hard one bouncing back from a week of ease!

Yet another busy weekend

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'll just update on the busy weekend we've had!
On Friday, Kallie and I went into the clinic for a couple hours and filed (I still feel like there are millions of papers left to file--there probably are!) Lia doesn't come on Fridays (her mom has that day off) and Josh and his family are in Hawaii so I didn't have any kids to nanny. After filing, we met up with Tom for lunch. We had Subway at the CougarEat...yummy! After lunch, Kallie and I hiked the Y. It was really fun!--at least I thought so. Kallie wanted to go back down after the third turnpike but I made her keep going. It only took us about an hour to get to the top and then a half hour to come back down. Neither of us like heights very much so we only sat on the very edge of the bottom of the Y and didn't dare climb up to the top of it! I love that hike--I think I might try to do it once a week during the summer!...we'll see.

After the hike, Thomas, Kallie, and I went to the dollar theater and saw Mall Cop. I really didn't want to see it because I'm not into the stupid-funny movies but Kallie and Tom both wanted to see it so we did. I have to admit it was one of the few movies that turned out exactly as I expected it would (I thought it was pretty dumb). Kallie and Tom thought it was funny though so I guess if you enjoy the funny-stupid you would like it!

Friday night, Kallie and I made homemade tortilla chips (so yummy!) and seven layer bean dip. We thoroughly enjoyed both!--so did Thomas and his friend, Jesse.

Saturday, I threw a bridal shower for one of my good friends, Sabrina, who lived in the dorms last year with me. The morning of the bridal shower was hectic! The shower started at 11:30 and we needed to get some prints from kinkos, put together some posters, make chicken salad croissants, chocolate covered strawberries, and finish the punch as well as tidy up, vacuum, sweep/mop, set out the prizes, and burn a movie we made for the shower from the computer to a DVD. Somehow, we got everything done right as the first guest arrived. The food was a HIT. Everyone LOVED the croissants (thank you, Costco, for the yummy chicken salad!) and the strawberries and we got so many compliments on how good the punch was! I'm so glad everything turned out good! The games were really fun as well and everyone said it was a really fun bridal shower (even Kallie thought so and she didn't even know the bride!). Hoorah for successful parties!

Me and the Bride

My parents were in town this weekend for training (my dad is a session director for EFY during the summers so every year they come to Utah for a weekend of training). On Saturday night, we went to dinner with them and Laurin and Mark at Cafe Rio. We love that place! After dinner, my parents, Thomas, Kallie, and I went shopping to find a new dress for my mom. We searched and searched and finally found TWO cute ones at Dress Barn! I'm pretty jealous--wish I could have bought two new dresses!! :] While shopping, Thomas found two nice ties at Ross for each under $10. What a steal! After shopping, we stopped at Cold Stone. I almost always get birthday cake remix because I love it so much but lately I've been trying out new things. Last night, I got the signature creation with the cheesecake ice cream. I can't remember what it's called but it had strawberries, blueberries, and graham cracker pie crust mixed into it (I actually substituted bananas for the blueberries) and it was SO good! I think I will get the same thing next time I go! Maybe I have found a new favorite??

Tonight, Thomas and I went to Laurin and Mark's for Easter dinner. Mark's brother and fiance came as well. I was in charge of bringing the mashed potatoes and salad (and then I offered to bring punch since there is sooo much leftover from the bridal shower!) We played The Newlywed Game (Thomas and I won!) and Scattergories. A fun night!

Miss you already, Kal!

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Friday, April 10, 2009

Like I've said before, I have no children of my own so I have to post cute things of other people's children. Yesterday, Kallie and I were playing hide-and-seek with Lia. One of us would hide and tell her to cover her eyes. The other person would tell her when to go find them and she didn't understand that she could uncover her eyes so she ran around with her eyes covered. After awhile, she kind of understood the finding part so we let her hide. She never really got this part. She would run to the nearest room with an open door and shut it while we were standing right there. Anyway, I acted like I couldn't find her and would say "Where is Lia? Is she behind this door maybe?" and everytime Lia would respond from behind the door "yes!" hahaha. We got a video of it because it was so funny. If you listen closely you can hear her saying "yes!"

Too much!

On Thursday, I asked Lia (the little girl I nanny--she'll be 2 in June) to bring me some tissue so I could wipe her nose. Kallie, Josh and I were playing Skip-Bo so Lia went into the bathroom by herself to get some toilet paper. I heard the roll spinning and spinning in the bathroom and I thought "oh no, I wonder how much she's going to bring me." Although I thought it would be too much, I didn't think it would be THIS much. This is what Lia brought me:

Kallie's Visit

My friend, Kallie, is visiting from Sacramento! We've been having so much fun! Kallie and I have been best friends since second grade! She flew in on Wednesday night and will be here until Sunday morning. On Wednesday, Kallie helped me make some punch for a bridal shower I am putting on for one of my friends (it's tomorrow!) and it was quite the adventure. I'm not sure exactly how much punch the recipe yields but let me tell you--it's a LOT. We started to make it and I didn't even have a bowl big enough to mix everything. We had to split it into two bowls and then it has to be frozen solid. Problem: this is what my refrigerator looked like BEFORE putting all the punch in...

Definitely no room! With those huge bowls of punch, we weren't sure how everything was going to fit. We decided to seperate the punch into a bunch of little tupperware containers. This is what we had to squeeze in:


Yikes! We ended up fitting everything (somehow). We threw away anything near expiration and threw out two tubs of ice cream with freezer burn. We also took out the ice trays and anything else "extra" and stuffed all the pizza pockets into the door of the freezer. I still can't believe everything fit! Even though it took us a long time to make the punch and rearrange the freezer, we had a fun time. Here's us:

Quorum of the Twelve what???

Monday, April 6, 2009

Printed in the Daily Universe (the BYU newspaper) today:

(click on it if you need to see it larger)

I can't stop laughing. What a mistake to make!! As soon as the newspaper staff found out about it, all the newspapers were pulled from all over campus and new ones were printed for the afternoon. Luckily, Tom had already snatched a copy. :]

I love family!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

[I wrote this post last night but lost internet connection and could not post. I don't want to go through and edit to make it say "yesterday" everywhere so I've left it as is.] Tonight, my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins came to visit. Megan also came to visit (I've tried to figure out the best way to explain who Megan is within that same sentence but it is too complicated. My cousin Jordan, a son of the aunt and uncle who came to visit, is serving a mission in Japan. Megan is Jordan's girlfriend). My uncle, aunt, and cousins are going to Idaho to check out BYU-I for Jenna (she is 18 and going there for college) and they stopped in Utah for a day to see the Sunday morning conference session at the conference center and to spend some time with us. We had a really fun time. They came to our house at about four and we finished watching the last hour of conference. Then we played a game of Zilch (can I just say I kicked butt?--I was way behind in points and then in one turn I got over 3,000 points and definitely stole the game!) After zilch, we had a good time chatting then we had some dinner and then we had some dessert and chatted some more until 11pm. We had a very fun time! Thomas and Jake (10) played football on xbox later in the night and they were so cute! I couldn't help but snap a few pictures! :]

This next one is kind of blurry but I still like it (L-R: Jenna, Jessica [12] and Marci)

Thanks Uncle Ed, Aunt Michelle, Jenna, Jessica, Jake, and Megan for enjoying a fun evening with us!

Hair clips!

Okay so during conference yesterday and this morning, I made lots of clips! The first picture is of all the clips I've made so far (but you can't see them very well) and the rest of the pictures are some of my favorites. My sister and I are going to go to craft fairs and see if they'll sell! :]

Friends and Food :]

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Last night, Thomas and I went to Laurin and Mark's house to play games and so Laurin and I could make some hair clips. We had a really good time! We played Cranium and Skip-Bo. Laurin and Mark killed Tom and me at Cranium (I'm not very good) and Laurin won skip-bo (with Mark winning a close second and Thomas and I far behind...yet again). I guess we aren't very good at games. After games, the guys watched TV and Laurin and I made lots of hair clips. I made a bunch more today while watching conference and I think I will also make some tomorrow so I will post pictures of the cutest ones sometime tomorrow. Mark made us some yummy air-popped popcorn (I think I ate 2/3 of a bowl just by myself). :]

Losing at Cranium:

Emma was too excited to sleep so she just chilled with Uncle Tommy for a little bit then helped him out during Skip-Bo:

Today, between conference sessions, Thomas and I went to a restaurant called Tucanos with two of Tom's past roommates and one of the roommate's girlfriend and father. Tucanos is sort of a buffet--but 10x better!! They have a buffet table with salad, pastas, sushi, FRIED BANANAS (yum!), rolls, etc. Also, as you are sitting at your table, waiters walk around with all kinds of different meat. You can choose what meat you want and they'll serve it to you and they just keep coming around until you change your centerpiece (a green, yellow, and red peice of wood shaped like a cylinder) to red--that means stop. Let me see if I can remember all the kinds of meat we were offered: Turkey wrapped in bacon, garlic sirloin, chicken heart (ew), barbeque wings, fried chicken, steak...and that's all I can remember but there is more! And they also bring around fried pineapple and fried veggies (mmm)! Dan's dad paid for everyone's kind! So we got a yummy lunch for free. :] Oh, and Thomas and I had a coupon to get six free brazilian lemonades for free when you buy the lunch (there were six of us so it was perfect!) but the lemonades were sour sour sour! I think Tom drank all of his but I could only handle a few sips. This is us at Tucanos:

Thomas is about to leave for the Priesthood session of conference and I am going to do some shopping! :]


Thursday, April 2, 2009

I feel like whenever I miss a few days updating it's hard to come up with a title for the post because I'll be writing about so many things!

Yesterday, Thomas and I shadowed a couple at the Family Care and Treatment Center (our new job). We were there for about two and a half hours. I think this job might end up being a little more involved than I thought it would be. Like I said in a previous post, we have to be First Aid and CPR Certified which requires all those hours of classes. Plus, we have to be certified in some kind of food service thing (like a nutrition class or something). Also, we signed a contract to commit to at least four months (hopefully we like it)! Shadowing was fun but busy, busy. There were nine kids there and even though there were six or seven adults the whole time it was crazy! These kids that come to this place are a handful! One of the houseparents was showing us what you had to do for feeding them and each child is required to have a certain amount of each type of food (1 c milk or milk substitue, wheat, 1/4 c fruit or vegetable, 1 c fruit or vegetable, etc.) Sounds too complicated for me! And then you have to chart it so they know each child got the right amount of each food product. Yikes! At the end of your shift, you have to write an observation report on each child that came and went while you were there. Again, this job is very involved. We'll see how we like it.

Earlier on Wednesday, I took Lia to my sister, Laurin's, house to play with Emma. Emma and Lia love each other! They have so much fun together and Laurin and I have fun together so the set up is wonderful! Laurin and I have suddenly become obsessed with making little baby bows! We made some on Wednesday and we are planning to make a bunch more on Friday so I will post pictures of the best ones. I have to say we are pretty good at it!--the bows are adorable!
My friend, Sabrina (who I went with when she took her bridals) just got her pictures back from her photographer and I went to her apartment today to look at them. She sent me some so I could post them because they are so cute! (Hair, makeup, and flower arrangement compliments of myself!)

I love the background on this one! We trespassed on someone's property. Whose driveway is this gorgeous, anyway??


Today, Thomas took an exam for HEPE (an online health class he is taking). He got a 92--hoorah!--but he still has to get a 94 on the final exam in order to get an A in the class because the exams are worth 80% of the grade! (No wonder I got a C in the class last year!) The class is really simple because there are only four assignments the whole year--two exams and two online quizzes (which you can retake as many times as you want...who wouldn't keep doing it until they got 100%??) but I guess having only four assignments also makes the class difficult--you mess up on one assignment and there goes your A--heck, even your B. Thomas has had lots of homework and lots of tests lately so he's been studying a LOT. Last night I woke up at 2am to find out I was sleeping alone! I ventured out to the living room and found Thomas asleep on the couch, textbook still open. And I just now snapped this picture:

Poor husband. Only one and a half weeks left of classes, thank goodness!

Okay and last, I bought this super cute vintage suitcase from DI last week (and I was so excited because I went there specifically to find one and went in thinking I was willing to spend 10 dollars max for one--really that means I probably would have spent 15 max--and I found one for 2 dollars!!!) I think it's really cute. Anyway, I put my niece, Emma into the suitcase and took some pictures and they are just so adorable! (Sorry, I don't have my own kids so I have to post pictures of other people's.) :]

I promise I will try to update on a more regular basis so that I have short, sweet updates instead of these books!


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