Friends and Food :]

Last night, Thomas and I went to Laurin and Mark's house to play games and so Laurin and I could make some hair clips. We had a really good time! We played Cranium and Skip-Bo. Laurin and Mark killed Tom and me at Cranium (I'm not very good) and Laurin won skip-bo (with Mark winning a close second and Thomas and I far behind...yet again). I guess we aren't very good at games. After games, the guys watched TV and Laurin and I made lots of hair clips. I made a bunch more today while watching conference and I think I will also make some tomorrow so I will post pictures of the cutest ones sometime tomorrow. Mark made us some yummy air-popped popcorn (I think I ate 2/3 of a bowl just by myself). :]

Losing at Cranium:

Emma was too excited to sleep so she just chilled with Uncle Tommy for a little bit then helped him out during Skip-Bo:

Today, between conference sessions, Thomas and I went to a restaurant called Tucanos with two of Tom's past roommates and one of the roommate's girlfriend and father. Tucanos is sort of a buffet--but 10x better!! They have a buffet table with salad, pastas, sushi, FRIED BANANAS (yum!), rolls, etc. Also, as you are sitting at your table, waiters walk around with all kinds of different meat. You can choose what meat you want and they'll serve it to you and they just keep coming around until you change your centerpiece (a green, yellow, and red peice of wood shaped like a cylinder) to red--that means stop. Let me see if I can remember all the kinds of meat we were offered: Turkey wrapped in bacon, garlic sirloin, chicken heart (ew), barbeque wings, fried chicken, steak...and that's all I can remember but there is more! And they also bring around fried pineapple and fried veggies (mmm)! Dan's dad paid for everyone's kind! So we got a yummy lunch for free. :] Oh, and Thomas and I had a coupon to get six free brazilian lemonades for free when you buy the lunch (there were six of us so it was perfect!) but the lemonades were sour sour sour! I think Tom drank all of his but I could only handle a few sips. This is us at Tucanos:

Thomas is about to leave for the Priesthood session of conference and I am going to do some shopping! :]

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