Girls' Night!

On Thursday, Thomas got to go to the Lakers vs Jazz game with Jesse (one of his roommates from last year). The game didn't start until 8:30 so he was going to be gone ALL NIGHT! sister and I had a girls' night! I think it was the first time either of us were out of them house past 11pm for nine months (me since marriage and her since the baby)! We had a LOT of fun! Laurin came over around 8:15 and we watched an episode of friends while painting our toe nails.

After that, we bought ice cream at Macey's (the grocery store, not the department store for those of you who don't live in Utah). YUM.

Please excuse the face I'm making.

After ice cream, we went to see She's Just Not That Into You at the dollar theater. It was really funny! The theater was FULL of girls and towards the end there was a lot of cheering and girly screams and lots of "awwwww"'s. I'm pretty sure I've never been in a theater that full of girls. Anyway, we both really liked the movie minus a few scenes. :] So the movie didn't start until 10:20...late! We didn't get back to my apartment until 12:45am! I'm telling you...we're wild. How sad that I'm only 20 (without kids) and this is super late for me! Thomas and I need to party more. Overall, we had a really fun sister/girls' night out!

Also, just thought I should post: Josh came back from Hawaii last week and brought me back this shirt! Isn't it cute!? (it says Maui, Hawaii in that little spot where there is no heart)


  1. How fun!! That is a late night out; 11pm is late for me!!!

  2. I love your collage of you and your husband on your wedding day. Very cute. I would like to get something like that and put it together for my husband for Father's day.


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