Golf & Dinner

Thomas and I had a fun little date night tonight! We first went to the mall so Tom could pick up some free foot pedal for the drums for guitar hero that he got for pre-ordering Guitar Hero Metallica and I bought WallFlower refills from Bath & Body Works! Yay!--about time. Our first and only refill ran out like two months ago and I've been so sad because it makes the house smell SO good. They went on sale for six dollars for two refills so I jumped on that! Japanese Cherry Blossom smelling house?--mmmm!
After the mall, we decided (or Tom decided) to go to the driving range. It was pretty fun even though I'm terrible even after lots of coaching from Thomas. He can hit the ball so far! I was amazed every time.

After golf, we went to dinner at Macaroni Grill (our excuse was that tomorrow is our 10 month anniversary). We don't feel so bad about spending money on a nice dinner when there is something to celebrate! We both got the shrimp scampi (yum!) and then we had a coupon for a free dessert when you purchase two entrees so we shared a cheesecake. It was SO delectable! latest and greatest bows! I learned how to make korker bows (is that how you spell it?) and I think they are beyond cute!!

Thomas only has ONE MORE FINAL (Monday) and then no more school for four whole months!! We are both sooo excited!!! Okay so I wasn't going to blog about last week but now I'm going to because I have some cute pictures. Laurin and I got to spend practically the whole week together!! The Savage's (the family I nanny for) went to Hawaii for Spring Break and so they were gone all last week so I only had Lia to watch. She played with Emma the whole week and they had so much fun!--we had to learn a lot about sharing but that was good for Lia since she has a new brother coming in August! We went to the Bean Museum at BYU and Emma and Lia had so much fun together. Lia wanted to push Emma's stroller and she would stick her head through the crack and say "Hi, Emma!" It always got Emma laughing (see last picture). Laurin and I had so much fun spending time together! Next week will be a hard one bouncing back from a week of ease!

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  1. LOVE the bows!!! Are they easy to make? I saw a thing on the internet once on how to make them, but have never tried it.


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