I feel like whenever I miss a few days updating it's hard to come up with a title for the post because I'll be writing about so many things!

Yesterday, Thomas and I shadowed a couple at the Family Care and Treatment Center (our new job). We were there for about two and a half hours. I think this job might end up being a little more involved than I thought it would be. Like I said in a previous post, we have to be First Aid and CPR Certified which requires all those hours of classes. Plus, we have to be certified in some kind of food service thing (like a nutrition class or something). Also, we signed a contract to commit to at least four months (hopefully we like it)! Shadowing was fun but busy, busy. There were nine kids there and even though there were six or seven adults the whole time it was crazy! These kids that come to this place are a handful! One of the houseparents was showing us what you had to do for feeding them and each child is required to have a certain amount of each type of food (1 c milk or milk substitue, wheat, 1/4 c fruit or vegetable, 1 c fruit or vegetable, etc.) Sounds too complicated for me! And then you have to chart it so they know each child got the right amount of each food product. Yikes! At the end of your shift, you have to write an observation report on each child that came and went while you were there. Again, this job is very involved. We'll see how we like it.

Earlier on Wednesday, I took Lia to my sister, Laurin's, house to play with Emma. Emma and Lia love each other! They have so much fun together and Laurin and I have fun together so the set up is wonderful! Laurin and I have suddenly become obsessed with making little baby bows! We made some on Wednesday and we are planning to make a bunch more on Friday so I will post pictures of the best ones. I have to say we are pretty good at it!--the bows are adorable!
My friend, Sabrina (who I went with when she took her bridals) just got her pictures back from her photographer and I went to her apartment today to look at them. She sent me some so I could post them because they are so cute! (Hair, makeup, and flower arrangement compliments of myself!)

I love the background on this one! We trespassed on someone's property. Whose driveway is this gorgeous, anyway??


Today, Thomas took an exam for HEPE (an online health class he is taking). He got a 92--hoorah!--but he still has to get a 94 on the final exam in order to get an A in the class because the exams are worth 80% of the grade! (No wonder I got a C in the class last year!) The class is really simple because there are only four assignments the whole year--two exams and two online quizzes (which you can retake as many times as you want...who wouldn't keep doing it until they got 100%??) but I guess having only four assignments also makes the class difficult--you mess up on one assignment and there goes your A--heck, even your B. Thomas has had lots of homework and lots of tests lately so he's been studying a LOT. Last night I woke up at 2am to find out I was sleeping alone! I ventured out to the living room and found Thomas asleep on the couch, textbook still open. And I just now snapped this picture:

Poor husband. Only one and a half weeks left of classes, thank goodness!

Okay and last, I bought this super cute vintage suitcase from DI last week (and I was so excited because I went there specifically to find one and went in thinking I was willing to spend 10 dollars max for one--really that means I probably would have spent 15 max--and I found one for 2 dollars!!!) I think it's really cute. Anyway, I put my niece, Emma into the suitcase and took some pictures and they are just so adorable! (Sorry, I don't have my own kids so I have to post pictures of other people's.) :]

I promise I will try to update on a more regular basis so that I have short, sweet updates instead of these books!

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  1. I love your posts. They are always fun to read. So what if they are a book. They are memories that will last a lifetime.

    Your pictures of Emma are so cute. She is such a little doll.

    I will have to have you teach me how to make some bows. I have a little girl that still wears them.


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