Yet another busy weekend

I'll just update on the busy weekend we've had!
On Friday, Kallie and I went into the clinic for a couple hours and filed (I still feel like there are millions of papers left to file--there probably are!) Lia doesn't come on Fridays (her mom has that day off) and Josh and his family are in Hawaii so I didn't have any kids to nanny. After filing, we met up with Tom for lunch. We had Subway at the CougarEat...yummy! After lunch, Kallie and I hiked the Y. It was really fun!--at least I thought so. Kallie wanted to go back down after the third turnpike but I made her keep going. It only took us about an hour to get to the top and then a half hour to come back down. Neither of us like heights very much so we only sat on the very edge of the bottom of the Y and didn't dare climb up to the top of it! I love that hike--I think I might try to do it once a week during the summer!...we'll see.

After the hike, Thomas, Kallie, and I went to the dollar theater and saw Mall Cop. I really didn't want to see it because I'm not into the stupid-funny movies but Kallie and Tom both wanted to see it so we did. I have to admit it was one of the few movies that turned out exactly as I expected it would (I thought it was pretty dumb). Kallie and Tom thought it was funny though so I guess if you enjoy the funny-stupid you would like it!

Friday night, Kallie and I made homemade tortilla chips (so yummy!) and seven layer bean dip. We thoroughly enjoyed both!--so did Thomas and his friend, Jesse.

Saturday, I threw a bridal shower for one of my good friends, Sabrina, who lived in the dorms last year with me. The morning of the bridal shower was hectic! The shower started at 11:30 and we needed to get some prints from kinkos, put together some posters, make chicken salad croissants, chocolate covered strawberries, and finish the punch as well as tidy up, vacuum, sweep/mop, set out the prizes, and burn a movie we made for the shower from the computer to a DVD. Somehow, we got everything done right as the first guest arrived. The food was a HIT. Everyone LOVED the croissants (thank you, Costco, for the yummy chicken salad!) and the strawberries and we got so many compliments on how good the punch was! I'm so glad everything turned out good! The games were really fun as well and everyone said it was a really fun bridal shower (even Kallie thought so and she didn't even know the bride!). Hoorah for successful parties!

Me and the Bride

My parents were in town this weekend for training (my dad is a session director for EFY during the summers so every year they come to Utah for a weekend of training). On Saturday night, we went to dinner with them and Laurin and Mark at Cafe Rio. We love that place! After dinner, my parents, Thomas, Kallie, and I went shopping to find a new dress for my mom. We searched and searched and finally found TWO cute ones at Dress Barn! I'm pretty jealous--wish I could have bought two new dresses!! :] While shopping, Thomas found two nice ties at Ross for each under $10. What a steal! After shopping, we stopped at Cold Stone. I almost always get birthday cake remix because I love it so much but lately I've been trying out new things. Last night, I got the signature creation with the cheesecake ice cream. I can't remember what it's called but it had strawberries, blueberries, and graham cracker pie crust mixed into it (I actually substituted bananas for the blueberries) and it was SO good! I think I will get the same thing next time I go! Maybe I have found a new favorite??

Tonight, Thomas and I went to Laurin and Mark's for Easter dinner. Mark's brother and fiance came as well. I was in charge of bringing the mashed potatoes and salad (and then I offered to bring punch since there is sooo much leftover from the bridal shower!) We played The Newlywed Game (Thomas and I won!) and Scattergories. A fun night!

Miss you already, Kal!

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