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Who agrees I should get a new camera since mine is past broken!? ME. I've been trying to convince Thomas all night to let me get a new camera because something is wrong with my lens and it gets stuck everytime I turn the camera on so the camera shuts itself off and it takes me like six or seven tries to get it on and then once it's on, you have to click the shoot button like at least five times every time to take ONE picture. It is SO annoying!...especially when you ask someone to take a picture for you "oh, by the way, sir, you have to push the button like ten times before it will actually take the picture...thanks for taking an hour out of your day for this picture." It's kinda ridiculous. Anyway, quite conveniently (really, it was just really!) my camera really did break for good tonight. I was taking some pictures to send to my sister and then the camera got stuck wouldn't turn off or take a picture or do ANYTHING (and it isn't the batteries). Then it finally turned off but now it won't turn on (I've tried at least a million least). Anyway, how can I have a respectable blog with NO pictures!? I think I cannot. Thomas says we can use his old camera but I'm pretty sure he bought it at least ten years ago and you need nothing less than a magnifying glass to see the picture you took on the tiny screen....I feel like this defeats the purpose of a digital camera when you can't even see how the picture turned out! Am I right or am I right? Fight for the cause.

Thanks, Bloggers.

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  1. Ours was doing the SAME EXACT thing. The lens would get stuck everytime we turned it on and it still didn't take decent pictures. PLUS, it was the camera Sean had gotten BEFORE his mission. I really wanted a new one, but Sean was worried about the cost vs. need. That was the only camera we had though. After awhile we really sat down and talked about it. We set a price and I left that night and bought a new one! I find it's a lot easier to get things if I sit Sean down and we really talk about it and I make my case. Not just mention it while he's watching baseball. He feels more involved and that is was really OUR decision.
    Good luck!


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