Happy Memorial Day!

We had a fun day! In the morning we had plenty of time to relax (love it!) and we both finished the books we were reading (I think that's number 27 for me so far in 2009 and number 1 for Thomas). :] In the afternoon, we went to Sam's Club to look for a new camera. Still haven't bought one :[ Thomas swears his from five years ago is plenty good. I'm still trying to convince...

After no luck in the camera department we had a yummy BBQ at our apartment with Laurin, Mark, and Emma. We had delicious hamburgers (thanks, Thomas and Mark), potato salad (my grandma's is WAY better than this store-bought stuff!), IBC Rootbeer (mmmm!), and cheesecake for dessert! I love BBQ's!

Maybe tonight we can do some more camera shopping. :] I really want a new camera before we head to California...IN TWO DAYS!--P.S. I love packing and am getting so anxious to start!!!

Can't wait to see everyone in California SOON.

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