Happy Two Years!

Two years ago today Thomas and I hung out for the first time (Actually it might not be two years to the date but it was the Friday before Memorial Day). My sister, Laurin, came home for Memorial Day weekend right after she graduated college as a little celebration vacation. She wanted to hang out with her high school friends so Laurin, Sean Hinds, Amanda Turley, and Thomas all got together.

Here's what I remember about that day/weekend:

  • Tom jumping on the counter (where Laurin was sitting) when he came to our house to give her a hug.
  • Running upstairs and fixing my hair/makeup to look especially pretty.
  • Tom coming by on Saturday night before a YSA dance...wanted to see if Laurin wanted to go (even though she was married she went...thinking back I'm a little confused. I'm not sure why you wanted to go, Laurin, but THANKS because it gave me the opportunity to go!)
  • Hoping someone would invite me to tag along (I'm 18! I'm ALLOWED to go!...I remember thinking that.)
  • Finally someone asking if I wanted to come along (YES YES YES)
  • Sitting in the backseat on the WAY to the dance but in the front seat on the way back (YAY!)
  • Laurin trying really hard to set us was awkward but it worked.
  • After the dance, waiting with Laurin and Amanda for Tom while he talked to other girls (I was especially jealous even though I only really knew him for one day at this point). I remember constantly craning my neck to see what he was doing while Laurin and Amanda talked about high school.
  • Back at the house after the dance having a sword fight with Tom (how mature)
  • Texting for quite awhile after he left that night. I remember feeling especially pushy when I texted him because he hadn't given me his phone number. Laurin had given it to me (I think I asked for it) and I remember her convincing me to text him even though I felt it was too forward...I guess it wasn't.
  • Seeing him in the foyer of the chapel on Sunday during my Sacrament Meeting (he didn't even attend church in the same building so I remember being quite suspicious). His excuse was that he had to go to the bathroom while driving past the church and so he stopped to use the church bathrooms. :] He came into the meeting and sat with our family during the remainder of Sacrament Meeting...and he stayed for Sunday school.
  • Texting all day Monday (he worked, had a BBQ with his family, and went to a GIRL'S house for a party that night...and he had invited a girl he liked to come).
  • Visiting him at work on Monday so Laurin could say goodbye before she headed back to Utah.

The rest is history. Fun memories! Thanks, dear sister, for a good set-up!

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  1. Aww that was sweet. Mark and I are celebrating too! 9 years ago this weekend was our first date! How funny. I better seee you next week!!


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