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Thomas and I had a fun Saturday, spending lots of time together doing fun things! In the morning, we watched our neice, Emma while her parents attended the temple. We always have fun playing with her! In the early afternoon, we went to the driving range (my suggestion!) I think I am getting a little better but let's just say it'll be awhile (and by awhile I mean never) before I'm nearly as good as Tom. He hits those golf balls SO far! Once we ran out of balls we rented, we did some putting practice with Thomas's own balls. We played a little game and Thomas beat me 7-3 but I'm just proud I got any points at all!

After the driving range, we went on a hunt for a camera. We tried Target and Best Buy (already have looked at Costco) and still can't find anything we like. Here's the tricky part: my camera is really REALLY broken now. I mean, I know I said it was broken before but sometimes you could get it to turn on and after a million tries take a picture (hence the pictures in this post) but when I got home to charge my won't charge! I'm pretty sure this means my rechargeable li-ion battery is dead (for the second time in my camera's lifetime--oh and by the way they're supposed to last at least three years...or so the guy told me when I bought my camera). So anyway, now it's totally dead and I can't recharge it and we are going to California in FOUR DAYS and I'm definitely going to want to take pictures! We have to find a camera--fast. If anyone has suggestions of good cameras, PLEASE, let us know. :]
At about four in the afternoon, we decided to go for a bike ride. We rode up toward Provo Temple and then to BYU Campus. We found a little trail we didn't know existed and decided to explore...I was stunned at how pretty everything was! So I took many as my camera would allow. And i couldn't choose one favorite so here are a few:

Although we were eaten alive by mosquitos, we had a good time! We saw a deer and it let us get really close! We followed it for a long time, trying to get a good picture. We finally got a pretty good one:

After our exploration through the brush, we went to the BYU library and each checked out two books. Let me tell you, it was quite an experience to ride our bikes home holding books in our hands (Thomas did a lot better than I at biking one-handed). We didn't get home from our bike ride until around 6:45. It was good exercise! For dinner, we enjoyed yummy sweet and sour pork with rice...I've never made it before but we really liked it!--and it was easy (my favorite part).

Oh, and while at BYU we walked around for awhile and I never knew this pretty place existed behind the JFSB! We've decided we want to have a picnic here sometime. BYU really does have such a nice campus!

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