For our Family Home Evening activity tonight, Thomas and I went on a hike through Rock Canyon. I wasn't really in the mood for hiking so I didn't really go thinking it would be fun but we had a really good time! [and it really was more of a walk than a hike.]

Here's some (a lot of) pictures!

We saw this little hole from down on the paved path and thought it looked like a cave and wanted to check it out--so we did!

And it was a cave! [it's much bigger than it looks in the picture]

We found another little cave and I could totally stand under it without bending my head (even though i'm bending my head in this picture--don't know what i did totally defeats the whole reason for the picture). And Thomas did not fit under it :]

He was making me nervous going so far up there! But no matter how much I pleaded with him to come down he would not. He swore it was safer up there than down where I was. Don't know about that but he did finally come down once I was near tears (except I think he was just ready to come down).

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  1. I hate when they go off & do scary stuff like that. That's why I am nervous to ever take my kids to places like Yosemite....afraid they would climb big rocks like that!


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