Katie's Wedding

Yesterday, one of my friends, Katie Shepherd, got married! :] Tom and I went to the reception of the new Mr. and Mrs. Mikey Harmon in Highland yesterday. Their colors were really pretty-white and tangerine-ish. And they had delish food too-chicken salad sandwiches, fruit kabobs and cheesecake (our favorite dessert)!

Oh, and does everyone know when you buy a gift from Bed, Bath, and Beyond when someone has registered there, the gift wrapping is free? So nice! :]

Today, Tom and I had the yummiest dinner! Italian chicken, salad (made with spinach leaves, of course!), sliced strawberries with whipped cream, and strawberry-banana smoothies! YUM. I was planning to make apple pie tonight for dinner but I think we might be full for a long time!

The one bummer thing about having a really delicious dinner is that usually there are a lot of dishes to do. Rice cooker, plates, multiple bowls, blender, crockpot, plates, etc. So we hate doing dishes (especially since we have no dishwasher) and so I was saying I wished there were elves that came to do your chores for you if you didn't finish them before you went to bed just like the Elves and the Shoemaker. Tom had no idea what I was talking about and I was like "you've never heard of that story?" and he said no so I told it to him and he's really never heard of it before! Isn't that weird? I think it's weird.

PS If anyone knows of good places to rent in the Provo area, let us know! We're thinking we should try to move before August since our new ward meeting time will be from 2pm-5pm. How awful!! Plus...we want 2 bedrooms.

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