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Friday, July 31, 2009

Here are my latest bows (and they're oh-so-cute if I do say so myself

Hannah and Emily!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hannah and Emily Child were in Utah this week so we got to spend some time with them. WE LOVE HANNAH AND EMILY :] We went miniature golfing...which, by the way, I love now and I really want Thomas to teach me real golf (but I want pink clubs and a pink glove!) :] Thomas beat all of us at miniature golf (of course) but I got SECOND. Woohoo! 3 under par! UNDER PAR!? never happens for me. This is why I should get to learn real golf now. I've mastered miniature golf :]

Anniversary Getaway

Friday, July 24, 2009

For our anniversary, Thomas booked a hotel in Park City for us. We had such a good time! (unfortunately we got pretty much no pictures...lame!) We drove down Thursday night and came home today. On Thursday, we walked from our hotel to Main Street and window shopped and ate dinner at a cute little cafe. On Friday, Thomas took me to the Tanger Outlets (so fun!) I bought two dresses and Tom got sooo many clothes!--lots of golf polos/shirts and some dress shirts. I LOVE shopping. It was so much fun! Then that was pretty much the end of our trip and we drove home--super short but so nice to have a change from the everyday! :]'s the ONE picture we got. This is at the Nike Outlet...we found a pair of size 20 shoes!


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So today Thomas, Jamie, and I went to Spanish Fork to hang out with Mark, Laurin, and Emma. After we got there, Jai and I left their house to go to Little Caeser's to pick up a pizza and on the way back we all of a sudden heard a really LOUD noise and then lots of air. Gahhhh. So we pulled over and, sure enough, a super flat tire. We really don't even have any idea what happened. It's not a's a GASH. And there was nothing in the road. And the hubcap fell off and flew across the road. We're wondering if the hubcap fell off then gashed the tire...can that even happen? I don't know but something happened. So we called Tom and Mark and they came and replaced the tire with the spare. Thanks, guys! :]

Happy Anniversary to us!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Today is our one year wedding anniversary! :] We celebrated by going to church and then a ward potluck to greet our new bishop. Hahah. Next weekend we are really celebrating...we are going on a little getaway to Park City. Tom got us a really nice hotel with a fireplace and wood floors! We are going Thursday night and just staying the one night (Friday is a holiday in Utah--Pioneer Day). 



Saturday, July 18, 2009

So Rachel (7) is in a diving class and we almost always watch her dive and hear the instructions her dive teacher gives them. Lindsay, Jamie, and I wanted to learn the dives so we started practicing them at the Savage's house on their diving board. Lindsay has got her back dive down and just learned her tuck dive yesterday. Jamie is still working on the basic diving part (keep up, Jai!) and I've got my tuck, back, and inward dives...still trying to learn the twist dive. I actually have a huge bruise on one of my thighs from slapping the water so many times during mistakes...I make lots of them. Like this one:

And then here are the actual good dives:

Tuck Dive

Back Dive (still working on this one)

Inward Dive (my favorite!)

I've discovered I really like to dive!!

Record Holder

Record Holder

So I've officially deemed myself the record holder for longest work shifts EVER! Get the last 72 hours, I've spent 49 of them working. That's 68% of my life for the last three days. Here's how it goes...on Thursday, Brooke Savage (18) had an orientation for college at SUU (southern Utah). SUU is about 3 hours away and the orientation was from 8am-5pm. Brooke got one college credit for attending the orientation so she had to stay all day in order to get the credit. Both of her parents wanted to go with her so they needed someone to be with the kids. Here's how the day went:

425 am: I leave the comfort of my bed.
4:35 am: Leave my apt for the Savage's house
5 am: Arrive at the Savage's
5am-630am: Attempt to fall back asleep on Savage's couch
6:30am-8:22am: Sleep peacefully on Savage's family room floor
8:22am-9:30am: Breakfast, get everyone ready for the day, drop off Lindsay at gymnastics
9:30am-10:00am: Take Rachel and Josh to "the yellow park"
10:00am-12:30pm: Swim in Savage's pool
12:30-Pick up Lindsay from gymnastics
12:30-1:00-Eat lunch; get Josh and Rachel ready for swim lessons
1:00: Drop off Josh and Rachel at swim lessons
1:00-2:00-swim in Savage's pool with Lindsay, Tyler, and Jamie
2:00-pick up Josh from swim lessons
2:00-3:00-swim again
3:00-go to Rachel's diving class; watch her dive for 15 minutes then bring her home
3:20-4:30: get everyone showered after swimming and ready to go to Jumpin Jacks (a bounce house place)
4:30-6:00: Jumpin Jacks
6:00-Stop at grocery store for food for dinner
6:15-6:30: Prepare dinner
6:30: Lindsay and I go to Hollywood video to rent Little Rascals while others stay home to finish dinner
7:00: Eat dinner (yummy burritos with avacado and chicken marinated in bbq sauce)
7:30: Start Little Rascals
8:40: Play "the soccer game" and a real soccer game in the Savage's gym
9:00: Jump on the trampoline and play "stuck in the mud" outside
9:15: Savage's come home
9:30: Head back home
9:55: Arrive home.

I know that was probably too much information but I just wanted you to get a peek at my 16.5 hour day nannying. The mothers are probably reading this thinking "get used to it...without pay."

Okay so then I get home from nannying, pretty much go straight to bed, then get up Friday morning at seven to go to work again (wasn't I just there?). I work until 4:40 then come home, pack real quick, and head off to our 24 hour shift at the Family Support and Treatment Center. I'm telling you...this is exhausting!

Our shift at the center went pretty well except that we had one boy brought by DCFS who cried almost the entire time. Thank goodness he slept through the night and took two naps. Whenever he was awake, he was screaming. We had him our entire shift along with his older sister (who was the opposite of him and was an angel!) So no free time at all during this shift but we did have a volunteer which helped a lot!

Tonight Thomas and I went to Outback Steakhouse as an early anniversary dinner since we won't be able to go out tomorrow. I've never been there before and it was pretty good. Thanks, Thomas! :]

Photo Shoot!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kelli and I did a mini photo shoot during the boring parts of one of Tom's softball games. I think the pictures turned out pretty cute!

Jump On It

Jump On It

Friday, July 10, 2009

Today we went to Jump On It! It's this huge trampoline place that is REALLY fun. The Savage kids LOVE it. Jamie got to come with us and she thought it was really fun too. My camera battery was dying so I didn't get very many pictures but I did get a few videos. This one is of Jai jumping up onto the platform:

Josh and Rachel were doing this really cool trick off the platform where they jumped onto the trampoline and went straight into a flip. They were really good at it and at first I was scared to try but then I thought "if a 5 and 7 year old can do it, so can I!" so I tried. The first few times I did it perfectly and then I wanted Jai to get a video...and it wasn't so perfect. I flipped one and a half times and landed right on my face. You can watch:

Okay so even though I'm not so good at THAT, I am pretty good at THIS:

Discovery Children's Museum

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today, the Savage kids and I went to the Children's Discovery Museum in Salt Lake City. It was pretty good...the kids thought it was a lot of fun. I thought that they had some really good ideas but they really needed to do some upkeep. Lots of the electronic things they had to do were broken and lots of the other stuff needed repairs/replacements too. But the kids didn't seem to notice so they still had a good time.

Josh and Lindsay broadcasting the news. They had a teleprompter and multiple screens to watch the newscasters from different angles (some of the screens were broken but this one wasn't!)

Josh being the pilot of the Life Flight helicopter. Rachel was the paramedic and is sitting in the paramedic's seat until her patient arrives onboard.

There was a farming section with different vegetables (not really sure what you were supposed to do with them) and then they had this big horse that you could climb onto. L-R is Lindsay, Rachel and Josh.

Rock Climbing

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nannying is so fun! Today we went rock climbing. My little sister and brother, Jamie and Chris, are in town so they came with us. I was shocked when we arrived to find out I was going to be the belayer! I thought sure they had the people who worked there do it. They taught me how to tie the knot and make everything safe for the climber and how to belay and then had me sign a paper and left me to it! Good thing everyone left all in one piece. I didn't drop anyone! :] It actually wasn't very difficult once I got the hang of it but it sure was exhausting! My arms are so sore and my fingertips feel like they might fall off. :] The only really lame thing about this was that I didn't get to climb!!! The kids were all too young to be the belayer for me. So I thought that was pretty dumb (especially since they made me pay for myself just to be the belayer!) A little ridiculous but it was still very fun to watch all the kids climb! And I actually did get to climb these little walls where you didn't need to be harnessed because they were so short. Here are some (lots of) pictures:

Here's the tall wall that they climbed. It's even taller than it looks because part of the bottom is cut off. This is Lindsay climbing.

Lindsay (11)

Rachel (7)

Joshua (5)

Jamie (14)

Lindsay and Chris

Chris (12)

All the kids. L-R: Joshua, Rachel, Chris, Lindsay, & Jamie (and Tyler standing in the back)

Here's me!

My job is AMAZING. :]

Great Play!

Great Play!

Here's a quick clip of one of Tom's softball games.Add Image

4th of July

Saturday, July 4, 2009

We had a fun 4th of July--although it was totally different than what we usually do. When I was growing up, we always did the whole pancake breakfast/parade/swimming/bbq charade--which I loved! But living in Provo in an apartment forces you to do things a little differently. My family was in town so we definitely had a much more exciting time than we would have alone! In the late morning, we hiked the Y...I'm still confused why I've done this hike four times now. It is SO hard! I thought I wasn't going to make it this time. But I did. Here's me and the sisters at the top:

We're in order of oldest to youngest. L-R: Laurin, Marci, Kelli, Jamie

After the exhausting hike, we went out to eat at Chadder's (an imitation In N Out). Although I hate to frequent those copy-cat places, I really like burgers that taste similar to In N Out's and there's no real thing here for me to eat (yet!). After Chadder's everyone took a nap for a couple hours (really, that hike was tough!).

In the late afternoon we went miniature golfing. It was so fun! Thomas won (he was like 10 under par) and I came in second place at even par!! I'm so proud...I've never done that well! After miniature golf most of the family went out to eat for dinner and Jai and I went to the grocery store to buy ice cream and toppings for banana splits. YUM. We went to watch the fireworks late at night and they actually were pretty lame. Not as good as Rancho Cordova fireworks. Oh...and it started to rain. Of course. It rains almost every day here. IT'S JULY. Utah is no good.

Happy 4th of July!!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tonight, Kelli and I went to watch Tom play softball in a BYU co-ed league. The rules are all really different than the real thing so we were pretty confused but we were both pleasantly surprised at what a STAR Thomas is. We didn't know he was so good! I took lots of pictures of him playing but none of them are really good action shots. Here are a few anyway.

They won the game! YAY.

Kelli and I went to Bon Lossee today...Kelli re-did her hi-lights (more blonde this time--it's so cute) and I...FINALLY CUT MY HAIR! It's probaby like 2-3 inches shorter than what I requested but I had a feeling that would happen (even though I told him the most important thing was for it to be the same length as the picture--or longer!) But that always happens to me so I wasn't too disappointed. I go back and forth between liking it and missing my long hair. I think I will always have days that I miss my long hair but I do like the new cut. It's fun. :]

Oh and I think this is funny...when Thomas and I dropped Kelli off at her dorm tonight after going out to dinner I could not find my flip-flop. I was so confused where it could be! I KNEW I wore it into the car! Tom found it for me. Here it was (in the door of the car):

Also an early anniversary present Thomas got me a new cell phone--the new EnV Touch! It is so fun! I'm really in love with it and usually I don't care very much about having up-to-date electronics. But I really, really love my touch phone!

My family is coming this weekend (again!) so we are looking forward to a fun, family-filled 4th of July! :]

PS My 4th of July korker bows are oh-so-cute and really inexpensive at only $2 per bow. Let me know if you want some for your sweet girls! (except if I had to ship them they probably would not arrive on time...)


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