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Friday, July 24, 2009

Anniversary Getaway

For our anniversary, Thomas booked a hotel in Park City for us. We had such a good time! (unfortunately we got pretty much no pictures...lame!) We drove down Thursday night and came home today. On Thursday, we walked from our hotel to Main Street and window shopped and ate dinner at a cute little cafe. On Friday, Thomas took me to the Tanger Outlets (so fun!) I bought two dresses and Tom got sooo many clothes!--lots of golf polos/shirts and some dress shirts. I LOVE shopping. It was so much fun! Then that was pretty much the end of our trip and we drove home--super short but so nice to have a change from the everyday! :]'s the ONE picture we got. This is at the Nike Outlet...we found a pair of size 20 shoes!

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  1. when i saw this at first glance you looked like a midget and it made me laugh really hard.


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