Jump On It

Today we went to Jump On It! It's this huge trampoline place that is REALLY fun. The Savage kids LOVE it. Jamie got to come with us and she thought it was really fun too. My camera battery was dying so I didn't get very many pictures but I did get a few videos. This one is of Jai jumping up onto the platform:

Josh and Rachel were doing this really cool trick off the platform where they jumped onto the trampoline and went straight into a flip. They were really good at it and at first I was scared to try but then I thought "if a 5 and 7 year old can do it, so can I!" so I tried. The first few times I did it perfectly and then I wanted Jai to get a video...and it wasn't so perfect. I flipped one and a half times and landed right on my face. You can watch:

Okay so even though I'm not so good at THAT, I am pretty good at THIS:

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