Rock Climbing

Nannying is so fun! Today we went rock climbing. My little sister and brother, Jamie and Chris, are in town so they came with us. I was shocked when we arrived to find out I was going to be the belayer! I thought sure they had the people who worked there do it. They taught me how to tie the knot and make everything safe for the climber and how to belay and then had me sign a paper and left me to it! Good thing everyone left all in one piece. I didn't drop anyone! :] It actually wasn't very difficult once I got the hang of it but it sure was exhausting! My arms are so sore and my fingertips feel like they might fall off. :] The only really lame thing about this was that I didn't get to climb!!! The kids were all too young to be the belayer for me. So I thought that was pretty dumb (especially since they made me pay for myself just to be the belayer!) A little ridiculous but it was still very fun to watch all the kids climb! And I actually did get to climb these little walls where you didn't need to be harnessed because they were so short. Here are some (lots of) pictures:

Here's the tall wall that they climbed. It's even taller than it looks because part of the bottom is cut off. This is Lindsay climbing.

Lindsay (11)

Rachel (7)

Joshua (5)

Jamie (14)

Lindsay and Chris

Chris (12)

All the kids. L-R: Joshua, Rachel, Chris, Lindsay, & Jamie (and Tyler standing in the back)

Here's me!

My job is AMAZING. :]

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