Tonight, Kelli and I went to watch Tom play softball in a BYU co-ed league. The rules are all really different than the real thing so we were pretty confused but we were both pleasantly surprised at what a STAR Thomas is. We didn't know he was so good! I took lots of pictures of him playing but none of them are really good action shots. Here are a few anyway.

They won the game! YAY.

Kelli and I went to Bon Lossee today...Kelli re-did her hi-lights (more blonde this time--it's so cute) and I...FINALLY CUT MY HAIR! It's probaby like 2-3 inches shorter than what I requested but I had a feeling that would happen (even though I told him the most important thing was for it to be the same length as the picture--or longer!) But that always happens to me so I wasn't too disappointed. I go back and forth between liking it and missing my long hair. I think I will always have days that I miss my long hair but I do like the new cut. It's fun. :]

Oh and I think this is funny...when Thomas and I dropped Kelli off at her dorm tonight after going out to dinner I could not find my flip-flop. I was so confused where it could be! I KNEW I wore it into the car! Tom found it for me. Here it was (in the door of the car):

Also an early anniversary present Thomas got me a new cell phone--the new EnV Touch! It is so fun! I'm really in love with it and usually I don't care very much about having up-to-date electronics. But I really, really love my touch phone!

My family is coming this weekend (again!) so we are looking forward to a fun, family-filled 4th of July! :]

PS My 4th of July korker bows are oh-so-cute and really inexpensive at only $2 per bow. Let me know if you want some for your sweet girls! (except if I had to ship them they probably would not arrive on time...)


  1. Cute hair cut!! It'll grow back so fast, don't worry. Good job on the ball game, sounds fun!! I'm jealous of your phone, sounds fun!!!

  2. Marci I LOVE your hair, it looks SO cute!!! p.s. I think I do have picture messaging on my phone but I have NO idea how to do it. :-) Yeah, I'm one of those people with cell phones. :-)


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