Cake and a Hairdo

So Kelli and I attempted to make a cake that I found the recipe for on my sister-in-law, Alyson's, recipe blog (check it out: of good recipes!) We, unfortunately, failed. It was supposed to be lots of layers but our cake kept falling apart so we just dumped all the fillings all over the cake and made it only two layers. It was still yummy so that's all that matters, right!?

After our failed cake attempt, I really wanted to try a hairstyle on Kelli that I saw on a doll. It looked so cool! not CUTE but it was really amazing-looking!

Thanks for letting me play with your hair, Kel!

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  1. Sorry the cake didn't turn out, but happy it was still good. It was a more difficult cake to make.
    The hair bows are so cute. Can't wait to see them when we visit!


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