Color Me Mine!

I LOVE Color Me Mine. If you haven't been there before, you should definitely go...for date night or for family night! Go to for deals (such as mommy and me days and date nights where there are discounts on studio fees). Okay so if you haven't been there before, this is how it works. You go to the studio, pay a studio fee (to cover the paints and stickers and whatever you use) then you buy a piece of pottery from them. They have so many things!--figurines, dishes (super nice ones too!), broken pieces you can use for magnets or whatever, jewelry boxes...really anything. So then you get to paint your piece however you want. And they have so, so, so many tools you can use to paint cool things (stickers, books with ideas, designing tools, etc) It is so fun to paint your own piece of pottery! When you're done painting, they take your piece and fire it in the kiln and then you get to pick it up in a few days and WAH-LAH! Your own marvelous piece of artwork! I've been twice with the Savage's now and they just LOVE doing this. And I love it too! It is so fun to have your own unique pieces. I just got the pieces I did a few days ago and they turned out so cute...I love them! I bought broken pieces and painted them all different colors and did all the letters in "wallace" and then one that says thomas and one that says marci. And then I glued magnets on the backs and I just LOVE them. Here they are:

And then here is the piece I did the time before (it's a super cute bowl and we use it to put our keys and stuff)

SO if you live in the Provo area, there's a Color Me Mine in the Riverwoods in Provo and for those of you back home in Sacramento, there's one in Folsom and also one in Elk Grove. Go check it out!--you'll love it!


  1. I have never been to one, but my favorite mothers day gift ever Bob took the boys just Brandon and Zachary at the time and made me a big serving bowl and a mug. They have their hand prints on them. I love to use them and remember how small they use to be.

  2. I've been to the one in folsom. we got a gift card once & i took carter when he was 1. we made a trivet for mom with his handprint on it. i really should take claire & do one!
    i love what you made!


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