53 Hours

EXAMS for Thomas are this week! One on Monday, one on Wednesday, and one on Friday. What an exciting birthday week for him! He planned out how many hours he needed to study for each exam and the grand total...53 hours. !!!! Yikes. He has it all planned out by day...example: yesterday 10 hours (he really did that), Monday 7 hours, Tuesday 9 hours, etc, etc. I can't even believe he can study so much. Thankfully, classes are cancelled for the whole week and he is taking two days off work to be able to have time to study and take tests. We're really hoping he does well on all his exams because he needs to stay above the class average to have a chance to get into the MAC program. :] Keep your fingers crossed for us! Tom's reward for all his studying and hard work will be (well hopefully one reward will be good test grades BUT the other): A BIRTHDAY PARTY. On Friday :] So we're excited for that! I hope this hectic week passes by QUICKLY.

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