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I posted those last two posts today. Not on the dates they say. But most of you have probably figured that out. Instead of trying to figure out all the days I missed I might as well just write it all today to catch up. School has been in session for about three weeks now. Tom is so so so busy! He gets up at 6:45am to get ready for work then gets home at about 7:30pm (at the earliest) most nights and then studies until about midnight. Except the other day I found out he studied until 4am (4AM!) and then got up at 6:45am. Crazy? I think so. I've been really pushing for him to quit his job and I think he was considering it until...a RAISE. Oh, no, not just a 25 cent raise...$1.25! What!? For a student!? So now he is making way more than most students ever dream of. Now I'm not convincing him so much to quit (great wife, right? it's a lot of money!) and he's really not wanting to leave now. Hopefully he'll be able to handle it all okay but if not, he really will have to quit. We've decided (Tom decided) we will have to quit our weekend houseparenting job which is a total bummer since it's good money and we were saving all the money we made there for a trip to Indonesia next summer. I'm thinking maybe we'll see if we can be substitutes or something so that we can maybe do it some weekends that they can't fill.

Despite all the craziness, Thomas is really liking the junior core. He likes the stuff he learns and so that's good! We got to go to one of his professor's house for a meet&greet which was really fun. The students had an opportunity to ask their professor and a guest professor a lot of questions in a more casual setting. They learned a lot about what rumors that go around the students in the junior core are true and which are not. And...FREE FOOD! :] Then a few days later, we went to a "Meet the Interns" dinner (free food again!) where the students got a chance to talk to other students who just returned from doing internships this summer. We sat with a guy who interned in the Bay area with Earnst&Young. We aren't interested in the Bay area (more like Sacramento) but we still got some good advice and information from him. Tom also gets to meet lots of recruiters who always give out free stuff! He already got a free PriceWaterHouseCoopers sweatshirt and a really nice Earnst&Young backpack (which he says he isn't going to use for school since probably everybody else will-hahah). I want free stuff too!

Well, my bow business is going okay. I haven't been very good so far at advertising but that's because I want to get more on my website before I send lots of people there to look at it! I've been so bogged down with nannying and MAKING bows that I haven't had a whole lot of time to list I need to get on that. A little girl, Mackenzie, who I watch on Tuesday nights while her mom has a class in SLC modeled some of my bows for me and the pictures turned out so cute! Check out my Facebook to see pictures of her. Kelli and her friend, Kaytlyn also modeled some bows for me on Labor day and those pictures came out really good too (thanks, girls!) However...there was an incident. Kaytlyn asked if she could carry something for me so I let her carry my purse because I was carrying Emma and Emma's diaper bag and then Kaytlyn stepped in some mud and so took off her flip flop and bent over to clean it off in the pond and my purse tipped (and it was unzipped) and out fell the camera PLOP! right into the pond! Ahhh! is broken. Yes, my new camera that I begged and begged for and finally got in May with the understanding that it was my Christmas and Birthday present. Goodbye, camera. :[ Except Kaytlyn is actually getting us a new one so I will someday have one again. I feel really bad for her because she totally didn't mean to do it and the camera was ex-pennn-sive. Poor girl.

Well, I feel like I've updated about as much as I need to (thank goodness!) and I'll try to be better at updating more regularly! This is for you, Jai. :]

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  1. What kind of camera did you end up getting?


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