Smashing Pumpkins

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tom asked me tonight if I thought he should throw his decaying pumpkin over the balcony. I said yes if I could take a picture and he agreed so...

Don't worry...we cleaned up the mess afterward :]

Fall Fun!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This weekend Thomas and I went to a cornmaze with my good friend, Sabrina, and her husband, Brenton. We went to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi and had a really good time despite the rain! There were all kinds of things to do...corn maze, hay ride, pumpkin dodge ball, duck races, pig races (those little guys are FAST!), a blowup dinosaur haunted thing, 3-D Haunted House, pumpkin patch, a firepit where a magician doing tricks, a seek-and-find 3-D village, FOOD!
Here's the fun little duck race...Brenton and Tom are racing:

We took a ride on the short bus!

This rocking chair was HUGE!

A little difference in height? :]

Hay Ride! My very first one!

In the cornmaze:

We made it to the end of the cornmaze!

After all the fun at the corn maze we went back to Sabrina and Brenton's apartment and Sabrina and I made dinner together while the men watched the BYU football game. After dinner, Sabrina and I made BYU mint brownies for dessert...what an experience! As Sabrina was pouring the mint extract in (carefully, I might add) it suddenly all came POURING out and while there was supposed to be like 1/2 tsp of mint there ended up being like 2 TABLESPOONS! Hahah...I'm sure you can imagine how minty it was! That container should have a stopper! The mint mixture tasted a little like toothpaste by itself but once it was mixed with all that chocolate it was okay! :] I was opening this cocoa can... EXPLODED. Cocoa was EVERYWHERE. See below for confirmation :]

YIKES. I wasn't kidding when I said it was an EXPLOSION. I was a mess!
Thanks for a fun night, Sabrina and Brenton!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

My sister, Laurin, announced her pregnancy today! We are so excited! My sister-in-law, Marissa, is expecting a boy in November and Laurin is expecting on May 1 so I'm so excited for new nieces/nephews! Laurin doesn't know yet what she is having but I'm crossing my fingers for another girl for her!

Pictures in the Canyon

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Today my sister, Kelli, was so kind and accompanied Thomas and me to the canyon and took pictures of us. We haven't taken any really cute pictures together since our wedding so I wanted some updated ones. Here are some of the really cute ones (or a lot...I just love pictures)!



Friday, October 2, 2009

Thomas has COMPLETED his first set of exams! YAHHHH. Maybe now he will be home more than 8 out of 24 hours each day! :] or probably not. Two more weeks until we find out how he did on all the exams!--TORTURE. Keep your fingers crossed!

Birthday Party!

We had a birthday party tonight for Thomas and it was so fun! The guests were: my mom and dad; Jamie; Chris; Kelli; Laurin, Mark, and Emma; and Tom's good friend, Jesse. We started out the party by playing a game of kickball which was really fun but it got pretty competitive! After kickball, we had pizza, then presents, and CAKE BALLS. I totally messed up the cake I was making for the party and was so distraught but then I discovered cake balls which saved my messed up cake and they were a HIT. Everyone LOVED them! Here are lots of pictures of the night! Happy birthday, Thomas!

Let the games begin!

Chris was explaining some drawings he made on Tom's birthday card.

I got Thomas an electronic home-putting system...he seems to like it but we really have no room in our apartment for it so we'll have to use it mostly in the summer when it can be outside and then we can use it all the time whenever we get a house!

Trying out his new toy :]

Yummy cake balls!

Here's Tom blowing out the candles on his cake balls :]

Happy Birthday, Thomas!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy 24th birthday, Thomas! We celebrated tonight by going out to dinner at Chilis with my family who is in town for general conference. Thomas opened his small gifts from me (we are saving the big one for tomorrow's PARTAY) and one from kelli. From me, Thomas got a golf scope thing...really I don't even know what I got him but it's some thing that reads how far the hole is or the green (or something!) from where you are so you can determine what club to use. And then I gave him a golf weight ring that goes on your club while you practice and then you hit harder when you play for real and the weight isn't on there. And then I was at Seagull Book yesterday and randomly saw mission keychains (it has the mission place and then the flag and then angel moroni blowing the trumpet). I saw one for Illinois and picked it up for my brother serving in Chicago and then decided to search through the 30 or so keychains to see if they had Indonesia. I was really doubting it since mostly they were states and Indonesia is not a very popular mission but WHAT DO YOU KNOW!? They had one! So I snatched it and made it another birthday present! :] Kelli was so funny and had a clever idea for a gift...she borrowed one of our Monopoly community chest cards that says "It's your birthday! Collect $10 from every player." And then she included a ten dollar bill. Kelli, Thomas, and I played Monopoly like 15 times in two weeks once and so it made it even more funny since we were so in love with the game. We had a good time at Chili's and are excited for tomorrow's party when Thomas's exams will be FINISHED and he can relaxxx.


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