Fall Fun!

This weekend Thomas and I went to a cornmaze with my good friend, Sabrina, and her husband, Brenton. We went to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi and had a really good time despite the rain! There were all kinds of things to do...corn maze, hay ride, pumpkin dodge ball, duck races, pig races (those little guys are FAST!), a blowup dinosaur haunted thing, 3-D Haunted House, pumpkin patch, a firepit where a magician doing tricks, a seek-and-find 3-D village, FOOD!
Here's the fun little duck race...Brenton and Tom are racing:

We took a ride on the short bus!

This rocking chair was HUGE!

A little difference in height? :]

Hay Ride! My very first one!

In the cornmaze:

We made it to the end of the cornmaze!

After all the fun at the corn maze we went back to Sabrina and Brenton's apartment and Sabrina and I made dinner together while the men watched the BYU football game. After dinner, Sabrina and I made BYU mint brownies for dessert...what an experience! As Sabrina was pouring the mint extract in (carefully, I might add) it suddenly all came POURING out and while there was supposed to be like 1/2 tsp of mint there ended up being like 2 TABLESPOONS! Hahah...I'm sure you can imagine how minty it was! That container should have a stopper! The mint mixture tasted a little like toothpaste by itself but once it was mixed with all that chocolate it was okay! :] I was opening this cocoa can... EXPLODED. Cocoa was EVERYWHERE. See below for confirmation :]

YIKES. I wasn't kidding when I said it was an EXPLOSION. I was a mess!
Thanks for a fun night, Sabrina and Brenton!

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