Oh, the joys of nannying!

Everyone is sick! Or has been in the last few weeks. First Joshua (6) got some bug and I picked him up from school early because he threw up in his kindergarten class. A few days later, Tyler (14) and Ashley's husband, Chad were sick and throwing up. Two days later, I picked up Rachel (8) from school early because she felt sick and she threw up three times. The same day, Dray (dad) caught the bug. The next day, Ashley caught it and was sick for awhile. Yesterday, Lindsay felt sick before I left and informed me today that she threw up EIGHT times last night! YIKES. Being the hypochondriac that I am, I've felt sick each time I learned that someone else was sick. Of course, it has all been in my head and I have yet to catch the bug (hopefully I never will!) I feel like I'm probably doomed after taking care of so many sick children but we'll see! Oh, the joys of nannying! ("Or Mothering!", I'm sure some of you are thinking!)

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