Weekend of Emma!

This weekend we watched our niece, Emma, for my sister Laurin and her husband, Mark, while they had a date-weekend. They stayed in town but did lots of fun stuff (out to dinner, to the temple, BYU basketball game, BYU football game, sleeping in, etc.!) Oh, and we offered to do this. Or should I say I offered to do this. I told Laurin I wished she and Mark would go out of town some weekend and leave Emma with us because I thought it would be SO fun and she was like "I don't have to go out of town for that! You can have her for a weekend!" So we planned it and it was so much fun! Emma came over Friday night just before bedtime and stayed through Sunday night when we brought her back home. We had so much fun with her!--church was fun with a baby because if class is so super boring, hey!, a reason to leave for a minute or two! (baby needs to stretch her legs, right?!) I'd say Emma's favorite thing about the weekend was playing with our dancing Snowman. Both mornings as soon as she woke up and was out of the crib she'd run to the living room, bring the "nono" in and ask me to press his foot so he would light up, sing, and dance. Then she'd say "dance!" and would dance along with him. We probably won't push that foot the rest of the season because I'd say we saw him dance at least 100 times this weekend. Emma also LOVED all the Christmas lights on the tree and outside (and the "balls" on the tree). She was soooo happy to see Mama again after a weekend away but we had so much fun together! Thanks Mark and Laurin for sharing your pretty girl with us for a weekend!!!

Emma was brushing her teeth (for like 20 minutes--she loves it!) and she kept running back to the bathroom and tapping her toothbrush on the sink then would continue brushing. It was so funny! I don't know if she did it because she has just seen other people tap their toothbrushes on the sink or if she wanted water??

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