...MY CALLING! I'm the Relief Society Activties Leader (or what used to be known as Enrichment Leader) and it is so fun--albeit STRESSFUL! Our activity tonight was such a success! It was called "Cultural Christmas" and we had a spiritual meeting first where our Bishop's wife spoke about Christ and the role he plays in our lives. Then we sang "Silent Night" in lots of different languages (the great thing about a student ward is there are so many sisters from other countries or sisters who served missions in other countries so there are so many different languages spoken!) The languages that we had tonight were Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, French, and English. It sounded SO pretty! Then we had a musical number by two sisters in the ward who speak Spanish and they sang "Hark the Harold Angels Sing" in Spanish which was so pretty! After our spiritual part of the program, we moved to another room and had booths where some sisters shared Christmas traditions from other countries. We had Brazil/Argentina (they did a booth together because the traditions are very similar), Spain, Sweden, and Japan. Then lots of sisters brought food from their homelands or ancestor's homelands and there were so many yummy treats (Norwegian cookies, Russian cookies, German coffee cake...and lots more)! Everyone had so much fun and learned a lot. Such a great activity! This calling is so fun!--it's almost like being a party planner...with a little bit of gospel thrown in there!

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