Saturday, February 27, 2010

I got a new Shark vacuum and I LOVE it! It sucks up just about everything! We got it from you haven't been there, visit it...every day because there is a new deal every day! I kept waiting and waiting for a good vacuum deal because ours pretty much just pushed stuff around the carpet and finally a good deal came! So I bought it and I love love love it!

Giveaway Blog!

Giveaway Blog!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have a new blog! And it's a GIVEAWAY blog! And you should visit it!
there is a giveaway going on right now so if you visit soon you can enter!!
San Francisco-here Tom comes!

San Francisco-here Tom comes!

Don't worry--not to live. Well, to live for two days. :] He was accepted for a student leadership summer program with KPMG. Yay! It's a good opportunity to get to know some people in the office (although I hope he doesn't end up in that office) and to learn the ropes a little. It will (hopefully) be a really good experience for him. And maybe I'll have a few nights out on the town! Hahah--just kidding, I'll probably sit in my apartment the whole time watching Friends. :]

Anyway, good job, Tom!

Temple #1: Logan

On Saturday, Thomas and I went with Tom's parents to Logan, UT for a wedding (Tom's mom's cousin's son's wedding...!) Thomas and I just were proxies for sealings while Tom's parents attended the live sealing. We want to go to every temple in Utah and do some sort of work there before we move away. SO this is going to officially count as #1!...even though we've been to both Draper and Provo. But we weren't starting yet. goes nothing! Two years. One down. 14 to go. That really is us in front of the temple even though you can't see...we didn't just steal a random picture from the internet!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

This week my little sister, Jamie, came to visit us in Utah for her birthday! She turned fifteen on February 16th and celebrated with us all week! We had so much fun!

Jamie flew in on Saturday and Kelli and I picked her up from the airport. It was quite an experience...we parked the car then went into the airport and waited at the bottom of the escalator. At one point, I was looking around the baggage claim area and said to Kelli "Why are all of these for Delta? There's no Southwest at all." I don't know if she heard me or not but we continued to wait for what seemed like FOREVER. Then Jai calls us and asks where we are. So we said "at the bottom, waiting for you..." And she said "Well i'm at the baggage claim." So Kelli and I are so confused at how we missed her and we're looking around for her then we realize DUH we're in the wrong part of the airport!! So we ran (myself in heels!) to the opposite end of the airport where Jamie was waiting at the SOUTHWEST baggage claim. Oops :]

Saturday night, Laurin and Mark went out for their Valentine's dinner so Kelli, Jai, and I watched Emma...mostly we watched her stand by the front door waiting for "mama" to come home.

On Sunday, we all had dinner together at the Woodland's and watched the season premiere of the AMAZING RACE!!! :] Love it!!

On Monday, we did the official birthday celebration (even though her birthday was on Tuesday). We all had work off on Monday due to President's Day so Mark, Laurin, Emma, and Kelli came to our apartment and we played games and had cake and ice cream.

On Tuesday (Jai's and Mom's birthday!) we went to Macaroni Grill for dinner :] mmmm. But PS don't ever get the quattro formaggio pizza...yuck. Jamie got a free birthday cake and of course they sang to her in Italian :] Then Jai and Kelli saw Dear John (no, thank you...the book was bad enough!)
Here's Jamie and Mackenzie at Macaroni Grill:
On Wednesday night, Kelli, Jai and I watched Pearl Harbor. Jamie had a rough time after the movie:

On Thursday, we went to In N Out for dinner and Tom's parents came to town! :]
On Friday, we went to a jewelry party hosted by Katie Weston who runs Such cute stuff! I left with three pairs of earrings and the cutest necklace ever! I've had it for three days and have worn it three times :] After the jewelry party, Laurin, Kelli, Jai, and I went to Chilis for dinner. Too bad they took 40 minutes to bring us our appetizer. It came out AFTER our meal. At least it was free :]

On Saturday, Jai went home :[ Hopefully she can convince our parents to bring her back in April when they come for EFY session director training! We miss her already!


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