Little Miss Lindon 2010

Tonight was the Little Miss Lindon Pageant in which one of my nanny girls (Lindsay, 12) competed. She participated last year also and won the Talent Award. This year, she did a clogging dance to a Hairspray song and did really well in her interview, on-stage poise and presence, on-stage question, and her dance. All her hard work paid off because she WON! Kelli and Laurin came with me and we were all so happy for her that we were in tears! Congratulations, Lindsay, Little Miss Lindon 2010! She now has lots of responsibilities like being present at parades all around Utah County and being present for many community events. She is already such a busy little girl but she'll be a great representation for her city!
Here is Lindsay doing her clogging dance.

Little Miss Lindon 2010 and her Royalty
Me and Linds

Little Miss Lindon 2010

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