Wedding Ring Mess

This story is actually comical now. It was not comical when it was happening. Here is my story.

  • I noticed right before Christmas break that one of my diamonds was CRACKED! What?! I thought diamonds could only be broken by other diamonds...and I have not been bashing rings with anybody. So I was a little bit frustrated and worried that Kay Jewelers ripped me off. Well, after Christmas I took it in and they said it's really rare for a diamond to crack but it does happen sometimes. So they told me it could take up to 8 weeks to fix. *8 weeks was a MAXIMUM.* She said it usually takes much less time than that but we have to say 8 weeks so people don't get mad when it takes a long time. So I was fine to wait eight weeks so long as they were replacing the diamond for free--they were since I have a lifetime warranty.
  • Eight weeks and one day later...I had heard nothing from Kay. I thought it would be nice of them to at least call me if it was going to come in late since she told me eight weeks maximum. So I called them to find out where my ring was. They said it would be back in two more weeks. Annoying.
  • Two weeks later, I go to pick up my ring and...A DIAMOND IS CROOKED. What!? I was so mad! I didn't notice until I got home and was inspecting it so I had to go back the next day and tell them I wanted it fixed. The first guy I talked to kept saying things like "oh, that's not a big deal," "nobody will even notice," "i would hate to send it back for ten more weeks just to have the diamond straightened." I kept saying things like "well, it's a big deal to me," "i notice," "i don't care if it takes ten more weeks...I paid good money for this ring and I want it right." I finally asked to talk to someone different who put it under the microscope and said "yeah, that diamond is really crooked! let's send it back in and i will try to rush it." me: "yeah, thank least somebody here isn't blind."
  • The ring came back really fast!--one week! I was so excited and went to pick it up. I walked out of there with no ring on my finger. They soldered on an EXTRA DIAMOND BAND! What!? How does that even happen? They're lucky I'm honest and told them one of those bands didn't belong to me! So...back it went into the shop.
  • One week later, my ring is ready to be picked up. Guess what? They unsoldered the wrong band. This is what I said (out loud): "You have GOT to be kidding me!" The lady said "what? what's wrong?" I told her they unsoldered my band and left the one on that did not belong to me. Let me tell you-I am very honest. My band had less diamonds and I could have walked out with this one with more diamonds and nobody would have been the wiser." I was so angry that they had messed up so many times that I was almost tempted to--almost. The lady told me they would probably just let me keep this one with more diamonds if I just called tomorrow and talked to "Jessica" and said Debbie said I should be able to keep it. She basically made it sound like it was a done deal and I would definitely get to keep the one with more diamonds. This made me very happy since I was planning to upgrade sometime anyway!
  • I called the next day and Jessica was quite rude and said that would not be possible and there is nothing they can do for me. I threw a fit and told her I was going to go to corporate unless something was done for restitution. She said she would see what she would do and would call me back. This was at 9:30 in the morning. By 1:30 I had still not heard anything from anybody. Finally, "Mark" called me and said my ring was ready to be picked up now and they had my original band back. He didn't even address the situation of doing something to make up for all their mistakes and I KNOW he knew about the situation because Jessica told me she had talked to Mark. So I said "well what are you doing for me to make up for all the mistakes you guys have made?" he said he couldn't just give me the band with extra diamonds but I fought hard until we came to an agreement. I would upgrade my band to the one with more diamonds and I would buy a second band (which I was planning to buy sometime anyway--just like in five more years) and he would give me a steal of a deal on both. It would have cost me $400 to upgrade my original band plus $800 for the other band. He let me have both for $550! YEAH! And he gave us 12 months no interest AND I only had to pay for the warranty on one band but they covered both! Woohoo! I'm still a little mad that they made so many mistakes but I am happy to now have two bands for a great price! Thank you, Kay.

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