Temple Square

My mom and dad are in town this week for EFY session directing in Logan.  They flew into Salt Lake today and we all (Thomas & I, Laurin-Mark-Emma-Max, and Kelli) met them for lunch at Cafe Rio then we all went to the Museum of Church History and Art.  After that, the Woodlands headed home and the rest of us went to temple square to see this cool to-scale model of the Salt Lake Temple (it shows how the inside looks).  We also searched out Ali Teerlink who just barely started her mission on Temple Square and we also found Nellie Mackey who just barely started her mission too!  It was fun to see them and talk to them for a little bit.  After temple square we went to Cold Stone and enjoyed yummy ice cream!
At the museum they had some gold plates that were the same estimated weight as the ones Joseph had to carry while he ran from the thieves/attackers.  You could (try to) lift them and they were SO heavy!  I could barely hold them up and definitely can not imagine having to run with them!
the ship bunks.  Thomas can hardly fit!

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