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Sunday, October 31, 2010

...and by recently i mean like the last 5 months...or since the last time i blogged. usually i try to go back and blog by date but that always really overwhelms me and i end up not blogging at all. proof: look at the last date i blogged. so i decided to finally just sit down and do everything at once. it might (probably will) be all out of order but here it is.

most importantly, thomas has been offered 3 second interviews for internships with three of the big 4! EY in sacramento, PwC in sacramento, and KPMG in san francisco.  we are so excited and i'm so proud of him! all the hard work is paying off.  he flies to sacramento on tuesday (november 2) for all his interviews. and i'm so jealous because he gets to stay for a whole week! we should find out shortly after who offers him an internship. and then (if he is offered more than one) we'll choose where to go.  BIG DECISION. but very exciting!

T also had a birthday -- 25! Pictures at end.  This was the day he found out about the second interviews so it was a very happy birthday! my family was in town because my brother got home from his mission the day before and they came to utah so the girls here could see him! we took family pictures then went to dinner at cafe rio and then had cake and ice cream. i gave T a jacket, an xbox football game and a sweater. i'm pretty sure the football game was his favorite. i have to say that was my least favorite. :]

as brother came home from his mission in Chicago!...and he already has a GIRLFRIEND. i don't know if it's a secret or anything but he doesn't read this so he'll never know i blogged it. in fact, they went on a date the night he came to utah (the DAY AFTER he got home). yes, they met on the mission. her name is rachel and we like her :] ryan spent a week with us in utah (no pictures for proof...except for family pictures below). we had fun and are looking forward to our family vacation to disneyland in early december.

oh. i got a job. oh wait. first of all...i don't nanny anymore. first grader started school. i did not want to be their maid during the day as was their idea of my new responsibilities so i found a new job. oh but not before i told them i was going to look for other opportunities and then they let me go with only 24-hours notice. and so i applied for unemployment insurance and qualified. and was on that for 2 weeks before i found a new job. oh and then they appealed that decision and i had to do a phone-appeal hearing and the judge determined i deserved the unemployment insurance. because DUH i did! you can't just let an employee go for no reason just because they say they are going to start looking for a new job. and then not even pay them for at least 2 weeks. i think people with a lot of money forget that some people need their weekly paycheck to survive. anyway it's finally ALL over and i don't have to pay back the unemployment insurance and i have a job. the only sad part of it all is the parents hate me now and have cut off all connection i had with their kids. they even took their daughter off my soccer team. it's sad.

anyway my new job is as a secretary at a christmas light installation company. it's...well, boring. but it pays the bills. it's temporary through february 2011 and then i have to find something else. not looking forward to job-hunting again. i hate starting new jobs.

halloween! we didn't do much. went to the woodland's to pass out candy while they took emma trick-or-treating. watched max for a little bit. hung out for a little bit. went to our ward party.

oh kelli and i went to idaho to see our cousin, jenna, who goes to BYU-i! we had so much fun! we went to the byu-i gardens, the temple, bear world (where you see bears up close and personal--cool!), sammys (a cute little diner!), craigos (delicious pizza buffet). oh and we stayed up all night talking. it was a really great girls' weekend. we can't wait until jenna transfers to BYU!!

oh i also reupholstered a rocking chair. proof below. looks good, don't you think? i tried to sell it (we don't have room) but i couldn't get what it was worth. probably because it isn't worth what it's worth to me. i invested too much money and time to get enough from it. so i think i'll keep it. for a day!

okay if i think of more i will add in a later blog post...PICTURES (you will have to guess what is from what):


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