It's a...

...PACKAGE! (i wish i was saying boy or girl but tom says no...blame him if you are disappointed!)

when this appeared on my doorstep i was sooooo excited. because i've been waiting for like 6 days for it to come!...and i've been waiting even longer to buy this.

my very first sewing machine!!! yes, it's tiny. yes, it was cheap. yes, it works. just like a real one. it's the singer pixie plus and it's so cute and i LOVE it. i've never used a sewing machine before in my LIFE and am so confused looking at all the thread and little buttons but i think there are directions included...(hopefully)

my hair accessories are going to take so much less time when i don't have to hand-sew every little stitch! and i have so many projects saved in my favorites on google chrome that i've just been dying to make when i finally got a sewing machine. it is going to be one fun crafting week without thomas here! perfect time for my new toy to arrive :]

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