My Secret Pleasures

I like to look at the bright side of things.  While I really miss Thomas I have been able to come up with a few things that I'm loving about being home alone.  Then I realized that most (or all) of them have a downside.  But the bright side is what keeps me happy until he returns.  And so I give you...

My Secret Pleasures (while Thomas is away)
  • Not shaving my legs.
    • Downside: It did bother me today when my leg hair was sticking out of my nylons. SICK!
  • Eating In N Out while watching Friends.
    • Downside: My burger was cold by the time I got home and started the DVD.
  • A whole weekend of "girl time" with my sister.
    • Downside: Sleeping on a couch and helping to clean up Emma's vomit.
  • Not having to pick up Thomas from class late at night.
    • Downside: This means he never comes home...which, in turn, means I'm lonely.
  • Wearing ragged, old pajamas to bed (so NOT cute but SO comfy!)
    • Downside: When I look in the mirror, I think my self-esteem drops about 10 bars.
  • Not being told to clean up my messes.
    • Downside: The house is a DISASTER.  And I will still have to clean it all will just be all at once and will take me a couple hours instead of a few minutes each night.  Go me.
  • Not having sports on 24/7.
    • Downside: I don't know if there is one...
  • Making SUPER easy dinners.  Salad, Cereal, Pasta, In N Out.  I have not made anything else in 5 days.
    • Downside: again...there may not be one for this.  i LOVE it!
  • No video games.
    • Downside: that means there is nobody here to play them.
With that said...I think I could do without the video games, sports, and fancy (if you can call it that) dinners but I would rather have Thomas here and have to shave my legs, clean up my messes, wear cute pajamas, eat In N Out @ In N Out, pick Thomas up late from class, and have a "husband" (instead of girls) weekend than be without him for a week.

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