Pregnancy Diaries: 5 Weeks

Today I’m 5w2d. I thought it was time for an update. It seems like I’ve been pregnant for weeks. How did I only find out ONE week ago?! My days pass ridiculously slowly as I daydream of baby all day. Plus I daydream of telling everyone which is still 5 weeks away! We plan to spill the news on Christmas day (only to our parents and siblings – we’ll tell everyone else at 12 weeks). I’m hoping we can hear the heartbeat before we announce on Christmas. I’m SO ridiculously paranoid about having a miscarriage. I’m just so SO excited about this pregnancy and I would be so devastated if we lost the baby! According to stats, though, I only have about a 15% chance of miscarrying. So that’s pretty low! But I still worry about it all day every day. That’s probably also what makes my days seem so long. I can’t wait until I’m farther along so I can worry a little less.
As far as pregnancy symptoms go, I pretty much feel normal. Besides my ravenous hunger. That part is ridiculous. I had no idea I could ever be so hungry! I eat all day, seriously! Right after breakfast, I’m hungry. Then right after that snack, I’m hungry. Etc. It’s a little annoying since I work all day and it’s hard to plan snacks to last me the whole day. Especially since I’m not at all a snack fan. So most of the snacks I bring I don’t even like. I feel like I have to pee more often but that might be in my head. Today I counted and I peed 7 times. Does that seem excessive or is that normal? I never counted before I was pregnant so I don’t remember how many times a day I used to pee…TMI?? I do have this little belly BUMP but I know it’s not baby – just bloating. Even though I don’t feel bloated. Tom laughed at me last night and said it looked like a huge tumor! Hahha, thanks, hubby. Sometimes I feel excessively tired but it’s hard to judge if that’s pregnancy or just my regular self? I’m always tired! Last night I went to sleep at 7:30 and slept until 6:45 this morning (and also took a nap during my lunch break) but tonight it’s 9:30 and I’m not tired yet. So…I think it’s just my regular sleepiness. Sometimes I’m worried that I don’t really feel pregnant but then I read about a bunch of people who don’t feel at all pregnant until somewhere between 6-8 weeks.
I’m the worst secret keeper and I’m having such a hard time not telling anyone. I especially want to tell my mom but at the same time I want to wait until Christmas because we’re telling in the cutest way! We took a picture of our oven (with a bun in it and the oven light on) and had the timer set to 7:22 (the due date). Then I photoshopped it so it says “there’s a bun in the oven!” We’re making it into a custom puzzle through Walmart and sending one puzzle to my family and one puzzle to Tom’s family. We’ll put the pieces in plastic baggies and wrap them up. I’m pretty excited but a little sad I won’t get to see everyone’s initial expressions since we aren’t going home for Christmas this year. Oh well, I’d probably cry anyway. We all know how the first announcement went.
I pretty much devour any information I can get. I have about a million pregnancy apps on my iPhone which I check every day. Plus I look up about 20 questions a day online. And read about 10 articles on each question. Okay, I’m exaggerating a little bit but not a lot!
Oh! And my sister, Laurin, announced she is expecting her 3rd baby last week. She’s 12 weeks now. So our babies will be about 7 weeks apart. But she has no idea I’m pregnant. It’s pretty convenient because when I have a question about pregnancy I just ask her about her pregnancy and I usually can get my answer. Plus it’s so fun to be sneaky! I play dumb all the time too. Like we went to her house for dinner and we were having fish and I asked her “aren’t you not allowed to have fish while you’re pregnant?” She went on to explain to me what fish was OK and which ones were not. Then Mark (her husband) told me that the fish we were having was actually one of the best fish you could have when pregnant since it has one of the lowest levels of mercury. I nodded along. And laughed inside because I already knew every word they told me. I definitely researched that before going over to have fish for dinner. Oh and then I asked Laurin today if I could borrow her khaki pants for work once she didn’t fit in them anymore (I really will wear them for awhile since I don’t think I’ll be in maternity pants until I’m pretty far along) and then she said “oh yeah I have a bunch of stuff for you. Like a pregnancy test that I won’t be using before it expires, and a few books like What to Expect When You’re Expecting and Pregnancy Week by Week. I also will not be using that pregnancy test before it expires but I’ll take it just so I don’t look suspicious. And I actually already have What to Expect When You’re Expecting but again, I’ll take it. Then just give it back once I tell her. I am pretty excited for the other book though. Like I said, I love to read anything and everything about pregnancy!
Well. That’s about all I have to say. Besides that I’m JUST SO EXCITED!! I feel like jumping up and down all the time. I dance inside myself pretty much all day. I feel so, so blessed that we got pregnant so quickly and that we’ll have a little baby joining our family in a little less than 8 months!
PS our baby is about the size of an orange seed and his/her heart will start beating this week!

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