The Pregnancy Diaries: 8w3d

The Pregnancy Diaries: 8w3d

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WE’VE GOT A HEARTBEAT! – and a very happy mama! Went for my ultrasound today and saw little baby blob and a flickering HB. I think it was 163bpm so that’s good! And she measured the baby and he/she is measuring EXACTLY on with my due date! 8w3d. Which I think is pretty amazing because that means my body is VERY regular! A 28 day cycle with ovulation at 14 days. I’m so surprised since I had just stopped birth control and I didn’t think my body would be that regular that quickly. But I’m so so so happy and VERY relieved! The ultrasound tech said the cramping is usually not a problem if it’s not accompanied by bleeding which is what I thought but the CNM made me so nervous! We’re actually switching doctors because the CNMs are moving over to Valley OBGYN in Orem and there is the same clinic in Provo. Why drive to Orem for every appointment when we could go right down the street? Even though I’ll be seeing an OB now instead of the CNMs I think it will be worth saving myself all that travel time. Plus I bet the CNMs will be practicing differently now that they are with Valley OBGYN anyway.
So since I know the baby is doing great I can now be so grateful for my lack of morning sickness! How did I get so lucky?! I think the worst part of my pregnancy so far happened this morning…I had to drink 32 oz of water for the ultrasound. I barely get 10 oz of water per DAY (I know I’m supposed to drink like 64 fluid oz a day since I’m pregnant but I just can’t!) so having to drink 32oz all at the same time was killer. I still don’t feel good from it and it has been an hour and a half. You’re probably thinking “if that’s the worst part of your pregnancy, you have nothing to complain about!” You’re probably right. But drinking that much water was HORRIBLE to me. I worried about it all night last night and this morning it was such a challenge to get all that water down without wanting to throw it back up. Blah! Hopefully I’ll start feeling better later in the day.
We feel so blessed to have a healthy little growing baby! And our announcement is only 10 DAYS AWAY!! I could not be more excited! And I can’t believe I’ve kept a secret this huge for A MONTH!!
The Pregnancy Diaries: 8 Weeks

The Pregnancy Diaries: 8 Weeks

Monday, December 12, 2011

First appointment today! I’ve chosen to use a certified nurse midwife clinic because I’ve heard good things about the way midwives treat you in labor. Like how they’re there for longer than 5 minutes. I got to my appointment today and found out the clinic is actually closing but the CNMs are joining an OB office nearby. They will still be acting as CNMs for all patients who still want to use midwives but the office is even farther from us than this one was and this office was already like 20 minutes away. So I’m unsure now if I want to stick with them or just go with an OB closer to home.
The last few weeks have been surprisingly normal. I still have no morning sickness which probably worries me more than makes me grateful. Even though I do feel grateful for not having to hang my head over the royal throne all day I feel a little antsy about feeling so great in my first trimester. Last Thursday I had really bad back cramps. I’ve had back cramps on and off throughout the pregnancy but they have mostly been a lot more mild than my regular menstrual cramps. This time they were really severe for 15-20 minutes and then they lasted forEVER. They started about 3:30, were really bad for about 15-20 minutes then died down but kept bothering me until about noon the next day. I wasn’t too worried since I didn’t bleed at all until I went to my appointment today and she asked if I’d had any cramping. I told her about my back cramps and she recommended I schedule an early ultrasound to confirm everything is OK. Ugh! I was hoping my appointment today would ease my mind some since I’ve been worried since day 1 about having a miscarriage but she only make it about a million times worse. Since I work 8-5 tomorrow I can’t get an appointment for an ultrasound until Wednesday morning. That seems light years away. Seriously. I just want to curl up into a ball and fall asleep until Wednesday at 8am. Unfortunately I have to go to work all day tomorrow so that will not work. The CNM said my body could be trying to pass the pregnancy even though I haven’t been bleeding at all. She said sometimes bleeding can start up to 2 weeks after the cramping. She did an excellent job of making me extremely anxious. Hopefully at the ultrasound on Wednesday we’ll see a little heartbeat and all will be well.
So besides those back cramps, I’ve had barely anything different. Tom says I sleep more than before which is probably true since I often take 3 hour naps then still go to bed at 9 or 10. I’m always hungry which is actually getting really annoying. I can’t find enough food to bring to work to keep me satisfied throughout the day. I feel like a have a little belly bump (probably mostly from bloating) but nobody else would be able to tell. Once I have that ultrasound on Wednesday and see a heartbeat I will feel so grateful for feeling so great in my first trimester! Until then, I’ll worry my life away.
Oh. My appointment. It was actually pretty boring! I’ve read on so many forums that the first appointment is so fun and informative but they pretty much asked me like a total of 5 questions and then drew blood (like 5 vials worth!), had me give a urine sample, and the end. It was VERY uneventful. I hope future appointments are more interesting!
Here’s to hoping for a happy, healthy little baby!
PS Our baby is (hopefully) about the size of a grape! He/she has come a long way from a pumpkin seed!


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