The Pregnancy Diaries: 15 weeks

So I was really great about writing about my pregnancy when nobody knew I was pregnant (besides Tom). Somehow now that everybody knows I suddenly stink at updating. Probably because now I can actually talk to people about it where as before writing was my only way of sharing all the exciting news. But I want to be able to look back and remember the weeks of preparing to start our little family so I'll really try hard to dedicate more time to blogging about it. If it bores you, please feel free to skip posts. I will not be offended.

It seems a lot has happened and changed since I was only 8 weeks pregnant!
  • We made our announcement which was SO fun.
  • Found out not only will our baby have 1 cousin his/her age but TWO! One on each side. Tom's brother's (Mike) wife (Marissa) is expecting #4 late June. Hooray for cousins!
  • Changed doctors. I was NOT a fan of the nurse midwife clinic. The girl I visit teach is expecting her first at the end of this month and was talking about her doctor who she loves! I looked him up on my insurance plan when I got home from visiting teaching and he is contracted with my insurance! Yay! So I transferred to his office. Saw him for the first time on January 18. LOVED him and his whole staff. It was seriously a way different experience than my appointment with the CNMs. He likes to do ultrasounds for your first visit with him so after my appointment with him I got to see the baby with the ultrasound tech. This ultrasound was SO much different than my 8 week. At 8 weeks I couldn't even tell where the baby was and even when it was pointed out to me, it just looked like a little bean with a flickering heartbeat. This time there was no mistaking the baby! So much bigger and so developed! He/she was moving all over the place (a wiggly little thing!) which was weird to see but not be able to feel. It's amazing it can move so much and I can't feel a thing. The baby is still measuring pretty much right on so my due date of July 22 is still a go. The heartbeat was 170bpm which is perfect.
  • Set our appointment to find out the gender! February 22! We can't WAIT. I have a countdown going and everything. Boy or girl??
  • The baby has grown from seed-size to the size of a large navel orange! About 3-4 inches and 2-3 oz.
  • We are SECOND TRIMESTER! woohoo!
  • I must have been bloated before because I actually looked pregnant a lot of the time and now suddenly I've lost a lot of the belly. I think the bloating finally went away. But I wish the baby would start showing!
  • I've gained around 7 pounds.
I haven't had many cravings or food aversions. Being pregnant so far has mostly been the same as not being pregnant for me. The only really big difference is that I have to pee ALL. THE. TIME. which is starting to get on my nerves. But every time I think about how much I hate the toilet right now I think about how blessed I am to live in a time where there ARE toilets. Can you imagine having to run outside in all kinds of weather, pull up your super long dress and pee in a hole? Because I guarantee pregnancy symptoms are the same they were a hundred years ago. Can you imagine doing that 12 times a day? I can't! Thank goodness for toilets. As much as I hate using it all the time. I'm not as hungry as I was first trimester. I still feel a little more hungry than pre-pregnancy but nothing close to how ravenous I was first trimester. It was crazy. I still fit into most of my pre-pregnancy jeans (they still button & zip). This is a change from first trimester. Again, the bloating. Since it has been gone my jeans suddenly button again. As much as I want to show and start wearing maternity clothes I'll put it off until I have to since I'm sure I'll be sick of my maternity clothes by the end of the pregnancy.

Here's to hoping I can feel little Baby Wallace moving around soon!

Little Baby Wallace


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