Sunday, February 26, 2012

I'm a little worried I might just burst with excitement.  I just cannot wait for our little boy to arrive!  How am I going to wait 21 more weeks!?!?  Now that we know he's a boy I've been loving browsing Target, Old Navy, etc for little boy clothes and accessories.  All of the big stuff (crib, crib bedding, nursery accessories, etc) is going to be gender neutral so we can reuse if we ever have a girl but there are so many fun BOY things to look at!  Clothes, bath towels, bibs, etc.  And everything is just so darn cute!!  I want to go on a shopping spree so badly but I figure I should wait until after the baby showers to shop so I don't overload on anything.  I wish I could be setting up the nursery or SOMETHING but since we will be moving right after baby boy arrives there is no sense in setting up a bedroom for him.  So although I'm desperately wanting to plan, buy, set up, etc I'm stuck just mostly browsing.  But browsing is fun too! - just a little bit of a tease.  Want to see some of the cutest stuff?

JUST ONE YOU  Made by Carters ® Newborn 2 Pack Giraffe Sleep N Play - Grey/Yellow.Opens in a new windowJUST ONE YOU  Made by Carters ® Newborn Boys Interlock Sleep N Play - Green/White.Opens in a new windowJUST ONE YOU™ Made by Carter's® Infant Toddler Boys 2-Pack Monkey Footed Sleepwear - Brown.Opens in a new windowCirco® Infant Toddler Boys Swim Trunk - Blue.Opens in a new window

See? You cannot deny the cuteness!!! We have a long way to go still but I am just so excited to meet this little boy!!

It's a....

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BOY!!! and holy cow, are we excited!!!  Tom was pretty surprised...he thought it would be a girl.  Me, not so surprised.  I was leaning more toward boy.  I feel like I can imagine the baby so much better now!  I love being able to picture outfits, the nursery, etc.  Our ultrasound was so fun!  It was the first time T got to see little baby!  He was so squirmy (the baby, not Tom) so the tech was having a hard time getting some of the shots he needed.  The tech told us he was 100% sure it was a boy!  He said "normally I do at least a 5% margin of error, just in case, but THIS is definitely a boy!...I mean, if it's not a boy, there is something wrong with your kid!"  Hahha.  Our little man was not shy at all about spreading his legs and showing his stuff!  He was also pretty keen on grabbing himself.  I was a little embarrassed for him.  In my head: "you know we can all see you? stop that!"  Then he moved on to grasping his umbilical cord.  The tech said usually their hands are up by their face but little Baby Wallace was either grabbing himself or flailing those arms everywhere!  We got everything we needed except for a good look at the heart.  He said the baby was positioned so that the ribs were shadowing his heart so he couldn't get a good view.  So we will need to do another ultrasound at my next appointment in 4 weeks.  That will be U/S #4 for me!!  I guess I'm lucky but at $500 a pop they are really killing us!  Guess we will meet our deductible faster than we thought!

Everything else at the appointment went really well.  My dr OK'd my prescriptions from my dermatologist for clearing up my skin - yay!  Baby boy has brought me back to high school with all these blemishes!  Ugh.  Little boy's heartbeat is at 150bpm which is slower than it was at 13 weeks but that's normal for it to slow down and we are still in a good range!  We also talked about my knee and my OB wants me to have an MRI done and then meet with a surgeon and discuss whether I should consider having my surgery now.  While surgery has some risks (blood clotting, small anesthesia risk to baby), the doctor is worried about my knee giving out with all the extra weight I will be putting on.  He's worried about a fall which would also (obviously) pose a risk to little one.  So my MRI is in the process of being pre-authorized by insurance and then once I get it done I will take a look with a surgeon to see what he says.  If he thinks I have enough support left for my knee to hold up throughout the pregnancy we'll hold off until after Baby arrives.  If not, we will prayerfully consider having surgery now.  I feel nervous about surgery because of the small risks it poses to Baby but I would also be worried if the MRI showed I had little support left.

Pictures we got of Baby Boy Wallace:

It's a boy!


That is ALL boy!!!


So curious!!

So curious!!

Our ultrasound appointment is in 1 hour, 16 minutes and I am just DYING I'm so excited!!  I have been so anxious all day.  I barely slept last night because I was so darn excited.  My mind just kept repeating "boy or girl, boy or girl, boy or girl?"  All morning I have been so anxious that I'm almost (I repeat, almost) sick over it. There are some serious butterflies in my stomach.  Not to mention the baby has been so wiggly ALL morning so that makes me feel funny too.  I guess the baby is also excited that we will finally be finding out what it is!  1 hour, 14 minutes...



Monday, February 20, 2012

...that was the sound my knee made on Friday.  Again.  You can feel free to laugh at me.  It's totally my own fault.  Lately my knee has been feeling great!  I was walking on it with no problems (without a brace).  Sometimes it would pop but I was able to play racquetball, pivot ball, & frisbee with no problems at all!  Then at practice on Friday I ran a mile with the girls (no problems), took some shots on goal (without the brace - again, no problems) then decided to join their scrimmage since we had uneven players.  Bad idea.  First few minutes I made one pivot move and SNAP.  My knee totally popped.  This has happened before and usually it just takes me a few seconds to recover then I can get up and walk again.  It always hurts like crazy right when it snaps and I can't continue whatever activity I was doing but I'm mostly fine.  This time I couldn't even stand up.  Even after I stayed sitting for 5 minutes.  So my girls had to help me off the field and then to my car when practice was over.  Then Tom had to come help me inside.  It seriously felt as horrible as when I originally tore the ACL.  So then I iced, wrapped, elevated, etc but all weekend it still kills.  I was on crutches all day Saturday as I couldn't tolerate ANY weight at all but I looked so ridiculous at the store being pregnant and on crutches (everyone was staring!) that I ditched those after Saturday night.  Just have been wearing the brace and sucking up the pain when I put weight on it.  I probably look ridiculous without the crutches too as I hobble everywhere.  Ugh.  Today my knee is totally swollen.  It's at least twice the size as my other knee.  And it's just FULL of fluid.  Which is probably what is making it so painful.  I can't straighten it at all bending it all the way hurts too.  Basically I'm pretty sure I either tore another ligament or maybe my ACL was only partially ruptured before and now it's totally ruptured.  Either way I'm pretty sure something tore.  I'm beginning to think it's very possible that I have no remaining attached ligaments for how many times I have felt the snap and the total instability I have now.  I guess now I REALLY am done playing soccer.  Even joining in with my girls.  I will stick to strictly coaching.  Hahah :]  Really wishing I could just go get the surgery to fix it but that will have to wait until after little Baby Wallace arrives.  *sigh*  Wish me luck!...hoping the swelling goes down and I will be able to walk again in a few days or a week.  It would not be fun to have a sore knee through the duration of the pregnancy!  Eek.
The Pregnancy Diaries: The Guessing Game

The Pregnancy Diaries: The Guessing Game

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So I found this list online today of ways to "determine" whether you are having a boy or a girl.  I looked through it and had to laugh because I'm pretty sure I have an even mixture of "signs" of having a boy or a girl.  I've bolded and italicized the ones that relate to me:

It's a boy if:
  • You didn't experience morning sickness in early pregnancy
  • Your baby's heart rate is less than 140 beats per minute
  • You are carrying the extra weight out front
  • Your belly looks like a basketball
  • Your areolas have darkened considerably
  • You are carrying low
  • You are craving salty or sour foods
  • You are craving protein -- meats and cheese
  • Your feet are colder than they were before pregnancy
  • The hair on your legs has grown faster during pregnancy
  • Your hands are very dry
  • Your pillow faces north when you sleep
  • Dad-to-be is gaining weight, right along with you
  • Pregnancy has you looking better than ever
  • Your urine is bright yellow in color
  • Your nose is spreading
  • You hang your wedding ring over your belly and it moves in circles
  • You are having headaches
  • You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an even number
Total: 5

It's a girl if:
  • You had morning sickness early in pregnancy
  • Your baby's heart rate is at least 140 beats per minute
  • You are carrying the weight in your hips and rear
  • Your left breast is larger than your right breast
  • Your hair develops red highlights (I already have red in my would I know??)
  • You are carrying high
  • Your belly looks like a watermelon
  • You are craving sweets
  • You are craving fruit
  • You crave orange juice
  • You don't look quite as good as normal during pregnancy
  • You are moodier than usual during pregnancy
  • Your face breaks out more than usual
  • You refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread
  • Your breasts have really blossomed!
  • Your pillow faces south when you sleep
  • Your urine is a dull yellow color
  • You hang your wedding ring over your belly and it moves from side to side
  • You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an odd number
Total: 5
The Pregnancy Diaries: 17 Weeks

The Pregnancy Diaries: 17 Weeks

Monday, February 13, 2012

3 more weeks until the halfway point!  Hoorah!

Last Thursday I was put on antibiotics for my UTI.  I am supposed to take 4/day for a week.  I got them Thursday afternoon and took 3 that day and slept through the night totally pain-free!  I'm so happy to have the pain gone.  Thursday morning was MISERABLE.  I was in tears on my way home from the pharmacy because the pain was so terrible.  At work on Friday I only got little bits of pain throughout the day but nothing significant and since Friday night I have had zero pain.  I'm so grateful for modern medicine!  I only wish they had been able to get my lab results sooner (actually, I think they did have them sooner but they just didn't call me...I had to call them on Thursday morning to find out what the results said which is when they said "oh, it looks like you have a UTI.  You need to start antibiotics immediately) so I could have started the antibiotics before the pain got so horrible.  My pain started on Sunday night and I went to the doctor late Monday morning so you'd think they could have had me started earlier than Thursday afternoon.

Updates from this week & last:

  • I must be actually showing!  Last week for the first time 2 strangers asked me about my pregnancy.  Well, they were patients but I had not told them I was pregnant.  I feel like I've been showing for a few weeks now but it must be to the point where people aren't worried that maybe I'm just a little chunky!  It's so fun to have people ask about it!
  • I've added 9 pounds to my pre-pregnancy weight so far.
  • I feel the baby move very occasionally.  I can go a few days without feeling anything and then some days I'll feel it quite a few times.
  • We find out the gender in 9 DAYS!  Can't wait!!!  I'm thinking it's a boy, Tom thinks it's a girl...
  • Baby Wallace is the size of an open hand.  Getting big!  About 5.5 inches crown to rump and somewhere between 5 & 7 oz (about the weight of an iPhone).
  • I haven't had a "surge of energy" like all my books talk about having in the second trimester but, then again, I never really had a total lack of energy like a lot of people do in the first trimester.
  • Besides my UTI/kidney pain, this has seriously been a super easy pregnancy and I feel really blessed!  It has made working full-time through pregnancy a total breeze!
The Pregnancy Diaries: Back Pain

The Pregnancy Diaries: Back Pain

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My first real pregnancy problem/annoyance: back pain.  Not the type of back pain I imagined would come with pregnancy.  I knew I would probably get an achy back as the baby got bigger and put strain on my back muscles but this is not an achy back.  This is a THROBBING, sometimes sharp pain in one side only of my back.  Even with my waist line.  The pain radiates just in a little block of space of about 2 inches.  And it comes and goes.  So it started on Sunday.  We were superbowl partying with my siblings at my brother's house.  All of a sudden I started to feel really uncomfortable.  Like my back was hurting.  Just the right side.  No matter what position I tried it still was hurting.  I hadn't been doing anything but sitting watching the game.  It continued through the night.  Ice did not help.  Massage helped it for like 2 seconds then the pain would come back.  It feels almost like a pulled muscle except it doesn't hurt only when I move a certain way.  It hurts no matter how I sit, lay or move.  So I barely slept Sunday night because the pain was so horrible.  It was so bad Monday morning that I was nauseaus.  So I called the dr in the morning because I was worried it could be something with the kidneys like a UTI or kidney infection or kidney stones.  They wanted me to come give a urine sample and they found some leukocytes in the urine which they said can be normal during pregnancy but it was higher than they like so they sent it off to the lab.  Then the doctor wanted to talk to me about it.  So he asked where the pain was and I showed him and he said it seemed too high to be the kidneys.  He said maybe something with the gall bladder, maybe something with the appendix but he wasn't really sure.  He said they would have the lab results to make sure it wasn't kidney related by Thursday but besides that he said to just wait to out and if it got really bad to go to Urgent Care.  Well it went away Monday afternoon.  Then I was pain-free and I felt so dumb for going to the doctor.  Then Monday night it returned.  I barely slept...again.  UGH.  I was nauseaus again throughout the night Monday whenever I woke up because it hurt SO bad...but not bad enough to go to urgent care.  Then Tuesday I was fine for most of the day.  It hurt again Tuesday afternoon for like an hour then went away.  Then came back in the middle of the night.  I was awake at least once an hour.  I tried to stretch it, massage it, ice it.  Nothing helps!!  This morning when I woke up (for the final time) it was gone.  Now at 1:30 in the afternoon, it's BACK!! What IS this pain!?!? It's the weirdest thing.  And it's SO painful! I just keep hoping it goes away before bed and stays away tonight so I can SLEEP!  If you have any ideas on what the pain is, let me know!  Or ideas for relief!  I tried Past Tense essential oil from DoTerra today but it doesn't seem to be working...yet.  Maybe it's taking the edge off but it still hurts.  The nurse said maybe it's the baby leaning against the muscle but it seems too high for that (the pain is like even with my belly button but in my back) and also the baby seems too tiny to be putting that much pressure on it.  It's only like 5 oz right now!  Anyway.  As painful as this is I guess I'll take it over morning sickness.  I'm still so glad I missed that part of pregnancy!  Any tips or advice are totally welcome!!

***Ahhh, the problem has been solved!! I have a UTI! Not that I should be excited about that but I am SO glad to know what is causing this terrible back pain!  I was awake pretty much ALL night last night and that's the 4th night in a row of severe back pain and very little sleep.  My dr is calling in an antibiotic to the pharmacy so hopefully my symptoms will clear up soon...YAY!!!***
Baby movement?

Baby movement?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maybe it's too early (I'm 15w3d today) but I swear I feel the baby moving sometimes!  At first I felt a little tickle inside my belly.  Like I was being tickled from the inside.  And it also kind of felt like I was really excited for something.  You know that feeling you get in your stomach when you are so anxious/excited? It felt like that.  For awhile.  At first I kept trying to figure out what I was excited for and then I realized maybe it was the baby?   Well then a few days later I felt little "pops" sometimes and mostly I'll feel like a vibrating sensation in my stomach.  It's so hard to explain but it feels so cool!  I only feel it every few days and usually only once on the days I do feel it and only for like 5 minutes or so but I always get so excited!  Sometimes I still wonder if it could be too early to be feeling the baby but I'm not sure what else it could be?  I've never felt anything like it before.

What do you think?  Baby movement?!



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