I'm a little worried I might just burst with excitement.  I just cannot wait for our little boy to arrive!  How am I going to wait 21 more weeks!?!?  Now that we know he's a boy I've been loving browsing Target, Old Navy, etc for little boy clothes and accessories.  All of the big stuff (crib, crib bedding, nursery accessories, etc) is going to be gender neutral so we can reuse if we ever have a girl but there are so many fun BOY things to look at!  Clothes, bath towels, bibs, etc.  And everything is just so darn cute!!  I want to go on a shopping spree so badly but I figure I should wait until after the baby showers to shop so I don't overload on anything.  I wish I could be setting up the nursery or SOMETHING but since we will be moving right after baby boy arrives there is no sense in setting up a bedroom for him.  So although I'm desperately wanting to plan, buy, set up, etc I'm stuck just mostly browsing.  But browsing is fun too! - just a little bit of a tease.  Want to see some of the cutest stuff?

JUST ONE YOU  Made by Carters ® Newborn 2 Pack Giraffe Sleep N Play - Grey/Yellow.Opens in a new windowJUST ONE YOU  Made by Carters ® Newborn Boys Interlock Sleep N Play - Green/White.Opens in a new windowJUST ONE YOU™ Made by Carter's® Infant Toddler Boys 2-Pack Monkey Footed Sleepwear - Brown.Opens in a new windowCirco® Infant Toddler Boys Swim Trunk - Blue.Opens in a new window

See? You cannot deny the cuteness!!! We have a long way to go still but I am just so excited to meet this little boy!!

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