It's a....

BOY!!! and holy cow, are we excited!!!  Tom was pretty surprised...he thought it would be a girl.  Me, not so surprised.  I was leaning more toward boy.  I feel like I can imagine the baby so much better now!  I love being able to picture outfits, the nursery, etc.  Our ultrasound was so fun!  It was the first time T got to see little baby!  He was so squirmy (the baby, not Tom) so the tech was having a hard time getting some of the shots he needed.  The tech told us he was 100% sure it was a boy!  He said "normally I do at least a 5% margin of error, just in case, but THIS is definitely a boy!...I mean, if it's not a boy, there is something wrong with your kid!"  Hahha.  Our little man was not shy at all about spreading his legs and showing his stuff!  He was also pretty keen on grabbing himself.  I was a little embarrassed for him.  In my head: "you know we can all see you? stop that!"  Then he moved on to grasping his umbilical cord.  The tech said usually their hands are up by their face but little Baby Wallace was either grabbing himself or flailing those arms everywhere!  We got everything we needed except for a good look at the heart.  He said the baby was positioned so that the ribs were shadowing his heart so he couldn't get a good view.  So we will need to do another ultrasound at my next appointment in 4 weeks.  That will be U/S #4 for me!!  I guess I'm lucky but at $500 a pop they are really killing us!  Guess we will meet our deductible faster than we thought!

Everything else at the appointment went really well.  My dr OK'd my prescriptions from my dermatologist for clearing up my skin - yay!  Baby boy has brought me back to high school with all these blemishes!  Ugh.  Little boy's heartbeat is at 150bpm which is slower than it was at 13 weeks but that's normal for it to slow down and we are still in a good range!  We also talked about my knee and my OB wants me to have an MRI done and then meet with a surgeon and discuss whether I should consider having my surgery now.  While surgery has some risks (blood clotting, small anesthesia risk to baby), the doctor is worried about my knee giving out with all the extra weight I will be putting on.  He's worried about a fall which would also (obviously) pose a risk to little one.  So my MRI is in the process of being pre-authorized by insurance and then once I get it done I will take a look with a surgeon to see what he says.  If he thinks I have enough support left for my knee to hold up throughout the pregnancy we'll hold off until after Baby arrives.  If not, we will prayerfully consider having surgery now.  I feel nervous about surgery because of the small risks it poses to Baby but I would also be worried if the MRI showed I had little support left.

Pictures we got of Baby Boy Wallace:

It's a boy!


That is ALL boy!!!


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