The Pregnancy Diaries: 17 Weeks

3 more weeks until the halfway point!  Hoorah!

Last Thursday I was put on antibiotics for my UTI.  I am supposed to take 4/day for a week.  I got them Thursday afternoon and took 3 that day and slept through the night totally pain-free!  I'm so happy to have the pain gone.  Thursday morning was MISERABLE.  I was in tears on my way home from the pharmacy because the pain was so terrible.  At work on Friday I only got little bits of pain throughout the day but nothing significant and since Friday night I have had zero pain.  I'm so grateful for modern medicine!  I only wish they had been able to get my lab results sooner (actually, I think they did have them sooner but they just didn't call me...I had to call them on Thursday morning to find out what the results said which is when they said "oh, it looks like you have a UTI.  You need to start antibiotics immediately) so I could have started the antibiotics before the pain got so horrible.  My pain started on Sunday night and I went to the doctor late Monday morning so you'd think they could have had me started earlier than Thursday afternoon.

Updates from this week & last:

  • I must be actually showing!  Last week for the first time 2 strangers asked me about my pregnancy.  Well, they were patients but I had not told them I was pregnant.  I feel like I've been showing for a few weeks now but it must be to the point where people aren't worried that maybe I'm just a little chunky!  It's so fun to have people ask about it!
  • I've added 9 pounds to my pre-pregnancy weight so far.
  • I feel the baby move very occasionally.  I can go a few days without feeling anything and then some days I'll feel it quite a few times.
  • We find out the gender in 9 DAYS!  Can't wait!!!  I'm thinking it's a boy, Tom thinks it's a girl...
  • Baby Wallace is the size of an open hand.  Getting big!  About 5.5 inches crown to rump and somewhere between 5 & 7 oz (about the weight of an iPhone).
  • I haven't had a "surge of energy" like all my books talk about having in the second trimester but, then again, I never really had a total lack of energy like a lot of people do in the first trimester.
  • Besides my UTI/kidney pain, this has seriously been a super easy pregnancy and I feel really blessed!  It has made working full-time through pregnancy a total breeze!

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