The Pregnancy Diaries: Back Pain

My first real pregnancy problem/annoyance: back pain.  Not the type of back pain I imagined would come with pregnancy.  I knew I would probably get an achy back as the baby got bigger and put strain on my back muscles but this is not an achy back.  This is a THROBBING, sometimes sharp pain in one side only of my back.  Even with my waist line.  The pain radiates just in a little block of space of about 2 inches.  And it comes and goes.  So it started on Sunday.  We were superbowl partying with my siblings at my brother's house.  All of a sudden I started to feel really uncomfortable.  Like my back was hurting.  Just the right side.  No matter what position I tried it still was hurting.  I hadn't been doing anything but sitting watching the game.  It continued through the night.  Ice did not help.  Massage helped it for like 2 seconds then the pain would come back.  It feels almost like a pulled muscle except it doesn't hurt only when I move a certain way.  It hurts no matter how I sit, lay or move.  So I barely slept Sunday night because the pain was so horrible.  It was so bad Monday morning that I was nauseaus.  So I called the dr in the morning because I was worried it could be something with the kidneys like a UTI or kidney infection or kidney stones.  They wanted me to come give a urine sample and they found some leukocytes in the urine which they said can be normal during pregnancy but it was higher than they like so they sent it off to the lab.  Then the doctor wanted to talk to me about it.  So he asked where the pain was and I showed him and he said it seemed too high to be the kidneys.  He said maybe something with the gall bladder, maybe something with the appendix but he wasn't really sure.  He said they would have the lab results to make sure it wasn't kidney related by Thursday but besides that he said to just wait to out and if it got really bad to go to Urgent Care.  Well it went away Monday afternoon.  Then I was pain-free and I felt so dumb for going to the doctor.  Then Monday night it returned.  I barely slept...again.  UGH.  I was nauseaus again throughout the night Monday whenever I woke up because it hurt SO bad...but not bad enough to go to urgent care.  Then Tuesday I was fine for most of the day.  It hurt again Tuesday afternoon for like an hour then went away.  Then came back in the middle of the night.  I was awake at least once an hour.  I tried to stretch it, massage it, ice it.  Nothing helps!!  This morning when I woke up (for the final time) it was gone.  Now at 1:30 in the afternoon, it's BACK!! What IS this pain!?!? It's the weirdest thing.  And it's SO painful! I just keep hoping it goes away before bed and stays away tonight so I can SLEEP!  If you have any ideas on what the pain is, let me know!  Or ideas for relief!  I tried Past Tense essential oil from DoTerra today but it doesn't seem to be working...yet.  Maybe it's taking the edge off but it still hurts.  The nurse said maybe it's the baby leaning against the muscle but it seems too high for that (the pain is like even with my belly button but in my back) and also the baby seems too tiny to be putting that much pressure on it.  It's only like 5 oz right now!  Anyway.  As painful as this is I guess I'll take it over morning sickness.  I'm still so glad I missed that part of pregnancy!  Any tips or advice are totally welcome!!

***Ahhh, the problem has been solved!! I have a UTI! Not that I should be excited about that but I am SO glad to know what is causing this terrible back pain!  I was awake pretty much ALL night last night and that's the 4th night in a row of severe back pain and very little sleep.  My dr is calling in an antibiotic to the pharmacy so hopefully my symptoms will clear up soon...YAY!!!***

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