...that was the sound my knee made on Friday.  Again.  You can feel free to laugh at me.  It's totally my own fault.  Lately my knee has been feeling great!  I was walking on it with no problems (without a brace).  Sometimes it would pop but I was able to play racquetball, pivot ball, & frisbee with no problems at all!  Then at practice on Friday I ran a mile with the girls (no problems), took some shots on goal (without the brace - again, no problems) then decided to join their scrimmage since we had uneven players.  Bad idea.  First few minutes I made one pivot move and SNAP.  My knee totally popped.  This has happened before and usually it just takes me a few seconds to recover then I can get up and walk again.  It always hurts like crazy right when it snaps and I can't continue whatever activity I was doing but I'm mostly fine.  This time I couldn't even stand up.  Even after I stayed sitting for 5 minutes.  So my girls had to help me off the field and then to my car when practice was over.  Then Tom had to come help me inside.  It seriously felt as horrible as when I originally tore the ACL.  So then I iced, wrapped, elevated, etc but all weekend it still kills.  I was on crutches all day Saturday as I couldn't tolerate ANY weight at all but I looked so ridiculous at the store being pregnant and on crutches (everyone was staring!) that I ditched those after Saturday night.  Just have been wearing the brace and sucking up the pain when I put weight on it.  I probably look ridiculous without the crutches too as I hobble everywhere.  Ugh.  Today my knee is totally swollen.  It's at least twice the size as my other knee.  And it's just FULL of fluid.  Which is probably what is making it so painful.  I can't straighten it at all bending it all the way hurts too.  Basically I'm pretty sure I either tore another ligament or maybe my ACL was only partially ruptured before and now it's totally ruptured.  Either way I'm pretty sure something tore.  I'm beginning to think it's very possible that I have no remaining attached ligaments for how many times I have felt the snap and the total instability I have now.  I guess now I REALLY am done playing soccer.  Even joining in with my girls.  I will stick to strictly coaching.  Hahah :]  Really wishing I could just go get the surgery to fix it but that will have to wait until after little Baby Wallace arrives.  *sigh*  Wish me luck!...hoping the swelling goes down and I will be able to walk again in a few days or a week.  It would not be fun to have a sore knee through the duration of the pregnancy!  Eek.

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